Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Woman bares her breasts at Trump effigy in Madrid...

I like to read articles on The Local, which is an English news magazine for English speakers in Europe.  They have different editions for each country.  Yesterday, I happened to catch the one for Spain.  That's where I found out about the woman in the video below...

I don't know how long this video will stay up.  When I found it, I was only the second one to view it...  Her breasts are naked, so this may not be safe for work (depending on where you work).

From what I gather, this effigy of Donald Trump was just unveiled in Madrid at the Madrid Wax Museum.  As it was unleashed upon the public, a plucky young woman with no top on and the words "Grab back" scrawled on her front and "Grab patriarchy by the balls" on her back.  She paraded around in front of the statue as she yelled "Grab patriarchy by the balls".  Several men tried to cover her, but she was a scrapper and ducked out of their grasp as she continued shouting.  

The woman is a member of the "sextremist" protest group Femen.  Femen's habit is to protest topless, often with flowers in their hair and slogans painted on their bodies.  While I don't necessarily consider myself a feminist (or a slave to men, as the Femen members believe), I do think this group is interesting.  It looks like it may have gotten its start in Ukraine, but it's an international organization where women use their "bodies as weapons".   That means they attack naked or bare breasted and rely on shocking people with their messages.

I had to admire the woman's spirit as she chanted and eluded the men trying to cover her exposed breasts.  The men, to their credit, were admittedly rather gentle with her.  I can only imagine that had such a thing happened in the United States, she would have been Tasered.  Or maybe she would have simply been thrown to the ground by a group of law enforcement officers.  I feel pretty sure she probably would have been handcuffed and charged with public indecency.  She may have been charged with something in Madrid, but it looked to me like they simply wanted her to cover her boobs and GTFO.

I now have a strong urge to go to Spain for a visit.  Not that I really needed a reason to go there, you understand... just that this kind of warms my heart.    


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