Monday, January 2, 2017

We are de-Christmasfied...

I woke up at about 4:45am, needing to answer the call of nature.  When I came back to bed, Zane was in my spot and reluctant to move, so I decided to get up and be productive.  I started pulling the ornaments off the big tree.  Bill got up a little while later and started helping me, although I was mostly done with the larger tree by the time he got started.

Then we went to the downstairs living room and took apart the smaller tree that we bought last time we lived here (because we forgot to pack our Christmas shit).  I have a feeling that when it comes time to go, we'll leave the small tree here.  We may leave the big tree too, if it turns out moving costs are too prohibitive.  Chances are good that we'll have to fund any subsequent moves unless Bill gets a job with the company and it's to their advantage to move us.

It always makes me a little sad to take down the Christmas trees, even as I'm kind of eager to be done with the holidays.  I like to look at the lights and the trees make the house a little homier.  At the same time, I get tired of the holiday rigamarole, which rarely measures up to anything truly special.  It just feels like a ritual we go through every year for no apparent reason.  It would feel weird not to put up the trees, though.

Bill has today off and it's finally a normal working day in Germany.  We're going to go out to lunch at a nice restaurant in Stuttgart we've been wanting to try for awhile.  We'll also stop by the commissary to pick up a couple of things I need, like regular ibuprofen.  It may seem smarter to just go to a German drug store rather than going on the military installation.  Maybe we'll just do that, although it may be an adventure shopping for pain relief in Germany.  They don't tend to medicate pain like we do in the United States and you generally have to ask the pharmacist for stuff rather than choosing it yourself.

Actually, that reminds me of when we visited Scotland the first time.  After a night on the plane, I had a terrible headache and an upset stomach.  We were in the Amsterdam airport and I was searching for what I needed in the drug store.  A pretty female pharmacist who reeked of cigarettes insisted on helping me and gave me Gaviscon chewables for my stomach and Panadol for my head.  The Panadol worked really well, but I remember being a little taken aback that the pharmacist would insist on helping me.

I've heard we may be getting snow today...  It'll be nice to see it.  Zane usually likes the snow, so maybe that will pep him up a bit.  Actually, I have been giving him CBD oil since Friday and it does seem to be helping him somewhat.  He seems less itchy and a little bit perkier and more social.  That's also nice to see.

I'll be writing on my travel blog later, after we have lunch.  It's time for a new review.

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