Monday, January 30, 2017

Thin skinned "libtards"...

Pardon my use of the term "libtard".  It's not one I use regularly.  I was inspired to use it today because of an exchange I saw on Facebook yesterday.  A guy wrote this.

My response was that Donald Trump only cares about what makes his dick hard and his wallet fat.  Next thing I know, Mr. "soft ass" comes back and virtually yells at me for saying such a thing...  

Apparently, Donald Trump rocks because he has a "smokin' hot wife".

I thought it was kind of interesting that this fellow wants to yell at liberals, yet says there are too many "thin skinned, soft assed" people.  He accuses liberals of "spreading hate", yet Donald Trump has just tried to bar people from seven different Muslim countries (none of whom had citizens who were involved in 9/11, by the way) from entering the United States.  

I know people have their reasons for supporting Donald Trump.  I don't want to assume that all of his fans are like the gentleman in the exchange pictured above.  However, it's clear to me and many other people around the world that Trump is not interested in world peace.  It's actually very interesting to me to watch how people are reacting to Trump's policies.  It does my heart good to see people protesting and not just accepting what he's doing.  

I've said before that sometimes wonderful gifts come in strange packages.  Maybe that's ultimately what this disastrous presidential experience can do for us.  Maybe it will inspire sweeping policy changes for the positive.  Maybe it will jar people out of being complacent on Election Day.  I don't know.

If Trump runs for president again, I'm sure he'll still have his supporters, even if he completely fucks everything up.  However, he is apparently going down in history as being one of the least popular U.S. presidents.  I probably tend to swing fairly liberal, but I don't hate conservatives.  I do think Trump is terrible, though, and I don't see how we can afford to "give him a chance", especially since his first ten days in office have been so insane.  


  1. I like to think I'm moderate but realistically I'm more liberal. My latest concern with Trump is that he may be so accustomed to being the king of his own empire that he doesn't "get" the checks and balances and divisions of powers aspects of our government. At some point in the not-too-distant future, the Supreme Court will probably rule at least one of his policies to be unconstitutional, but he'll ignore the ruling and continue to do whatever he's doing. He's going to create anarchy. I thought some of the protests were over-the-top even though I can't stand the man and wish like hell that he had not been elected (even though I'm not that fond of Hillary) because I hate the thought of extreme lawlessness in our country. We are going to end up with lawlessness from our commander-in-chief until he is finally impeached. I don't think he will last through to a second election. He won't play by the rules. I'm afraid it may take military action to remove him from office if he is impeached and consequently removed from office.

    I'm not usually this paranoid and was willing to look on the bright side, but this latest thing with him ignoring the ruling of the federal court judge has me really worried.

    Even though I'm afraid he could conceivably get us nuked with his total lack of diplomacy, I was willing to look on the bright side and hope good things happened as a result of his having been elected. Now I'm just scared.

    1. I'm scared too. :(.

      If he gets impeached and removed, we'll still be stuck with shitty leaders.


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