Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The dream season...

Lately, I've been watching old episodes of the classic 80s nighttime soap, Dallas.  A few years ago, I did the same thing.  Maybe it's a bad omen, since I started watching when we were living in Germany the first time and had finished all of the seasons after we moved to Georgia.  Right now, I'm on season nine, which is the infamous "dream season".

In season ten, we realize that everything that happened in season nine was all a dream...

I commented yesterday that I wished what's been happening in our government was all a nightmare.  I'd like to wake up from the bad dream that Donald Trump is inflicting on the United States.  Maybe that's hyperbole right now, but I am honestly shocked and dismayed by the news I've been reading.  I'm even sadder that people I love and usually respect are embracing Donald Trump's xenophobic policies and calling others who have a problem with them "whiney crybabies" or accusing them of posting "diatribes".

Unfortunately, what we are experiencing is no nightmare.  It's a real thing.  Every day, there is a new shock to the system.  Eventually, it will get to the point at which people no longer care.  And once we've reached that point, the powers will be will be able to do whatever they want.

Yesterday, I posted that Bill and I are going to France again... another trip to Ribeauville, so Bill's mom can see it.  We didn't get to do much when we went a couple of weeks ago and we know the guy who owns the apartment we rented is very dog friendly.  The price was also right.  I had wanted to go to a different city in France, but we decided this option would be the easiest since we'll have the dogs and Bill's mom.

I mentioned that I would probably be drowning my sorrows on Alsace's lovely wines, trying to forget about our new president.  One of my friends, an older man from Alabama who used to join us at karaoke and actually dated Bill's mom a couple of times, commented that he used to travel to try to forget Obama was our president.  But it never worked and Obama was still president.  I don't think Obama was perfect and I didn't agree with everything he said and did, but I honestly don't think he's in the same league with Trump.  I didn't wake up every morning feeling scared the way I do now.  

But then, maybe some people out in rural America woke up scared thanks to Obama.  I don't know...

Anyway...  I suppose it does no good to write more about this.  For now, I'm glad I have Dallas to use as an escape.  Too bad Trump isn't as smart or entertaining as J.R. Ewing.


  1. Many teachers, from kindergarten through college English teachers, have banned the "and it was all a dream" endings and give an instant fil or do over to anyone who submits work with such endings. It would be nice if tv would hold itself to at least as high a standard as that to which many schoolchildren are held.

    That being said, the only time I thought the "dream ending worked was with the final episode of "Newhart," where Bob Newhart woke up in bed with the wife from his previous sitcom (Suzanne Pleshette?) and discovered that the whole bed and breakfast thin in Vermont had been a dream. It worked because the joke was on the dream endings.

    I'm halfway throuh Jenna Miscavage hill's book and find it most disturbing. I'll write about it when I finish. How can this be allowed in the U.S.? I guess I really mean "How could it have been allowed to happen in the pre-Trump administration?" as Trump would probably just label it as a form of capitalism.

    1. Her story is one of many. Scientology is scary as hell.


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