Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Marie Osmond says she'd perform at Trump's inauguration...

And to be very honest, I'm surprised the Osmonds haven't been asked to perform.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is performing.  Why not the Osmonds?  They have played at inaugurations before, including Ronald Reagan's first back in 1981.  Until recently, there was a hilarious video of Donny Osmond singing a bastardized version of "Johnny B. Goode" (Ronnie Be Good) on YouTube.  Young Marie was standing by, gamely trying to rally the rather stuffed shirted crowd into cheering along with Donny's chorus.  Unfortunately, that very funny video disappeared.  Too bad.

Marie says she's ready to perform!

Seriously... the Osmonds have over 50 years of experience in entertainment and they are as American as you can get.  Why not have them play for Trump?  Even if it was just Marie entertaining, I'm sure she'd put on a fun show for the new president.  And then she and Melania could trade fashion tips.

It's kind of too bad Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters quit performing.  I could see them putting on a show for Trump.  I remember back in the 80s, Louise Mandrell was an "America, love it or leave it" type.  Unfortunately, the Mandrell sisters appear to be mostly retired from show business now.

Now see?  Donny Osmond performed with Barbara Mandrell back in the day.

I'm really surprised there haven't been more acts from Nashville or Branson, Missouri stepping up to the plate to perform for Trump.  But maybe Trump isn't into country so much.  And that seems counterintuitive, because I think it was a lot of Nashville fans who voted for Trump.

Yesterday, another Facebook argument erupted over Donald Trump on my timeline.  I have a pretty good mix of friends from all political spectrums so it's not uncommon for people to debate.  I don't mind it, for the most part, although sometimes people get carried away.  Yesterday, someone pretty much told me, in so many words, that I needed to "shut up and get over it".  Actually, her exact words were "deal with it".  I think I am dealing with it.  I have no choice.  However, I am going to talk about Trump because I talk (and write) about things that are on my mind.  I still have the right to expression, right?

Actually, I was a little disappointed in my friend for jumping into the argument and then getting pissy when no one agreed with her.  She bowed out by accusing people of thinking she's the "devil incarnate" and saying life is too short to get involved in Facebook political diatribes.  No one ever said that she was the devil incarnate.  Moreover, if you insert yourself in a discussion on Facebook and it's clear that the majority of people already in the discussion disagree with you, you kind of have to expect that they'll hit back with gusto if you jump into the fray.

I generally try to stay out of discussions on other people's pages, especially if they involve politics or religion.  I have them on my page, but I try to be as civil as possible for as long as possible.  I don't take kindly to be ordered to "deal with it", though... and I definitely don't take kindly to being told to "shut up", even if it's not expressed in those exact words.

Anyway... here's to Obama's last days in office.

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