Monday, January 16, 2017

Hallo, Deutschland...

We got on the road this morning got back home by 1:00pm.  I'm pretty much done with all the chores that always need doing after we take a trip.  This trip was a short one without a lot of moving parts, so it was pretty simple to get back on track.

Germany got dumped on with snow while we were gone.  I believe they named the storm Egon.  I had read that it probably wouldn't hit our area that hard, but it looks like it did drop quite a load on us.  When we left on Friday, the snow from last week was rapidly melting.  Now there are several new inches on the ground.  I shoveled the whole driveway, since I plan to drive my car tomorrow afternoon.  It actually took some time to get the work done.  The backyard had totally virgin snow, save for some kitty tracks.

I'm sitting here listening to old Kenny Rogers songs and remembering my youth.  A friend of mine, born the same year I was, mentioned that "Coward of the County" is about gang rape.  She had not noticed before.  I have to admit, though I did hear the lyrics about how the "Gatlin boys took turns at Becky", I hadn't really stopped to think too hard about them.  That's always been a favorite Kenny Rogers song.

The boys are relaxing now, having endured a couple of hours in the car with us.  Pretty soon, I'll have nice, dry clothes.  A new work week will begin for Bill and I will do whatever it is I do to justify my existence.  I did just start an interesting new book about Scientology.  I have a feeling I'll be ready to review it before too long.

Ribeauville is a super cute town.  We will have to go back before too long.

Mother Nature took a dump.


  1. It looks like a cute town.

    What Scientology book are you reading?

  2. The photo is not Ribeauville. It's a German town we drove through on the way back.


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