Friday, January 6, 2017

Frigid Friday...

I could only bear to walk the dogs for about ten or fifteen minutes this morning because it is absolutely freezing outside.  We had snow Wednesday and Thursday and today it's supposed to be sunny, but the temperatures are absolutely frigid.  Nevertheless, I was able to get this photo...

I'm afraid this doesn't quite capture how cool looking the sunrise was today...  From where I was standing, it looking like there was a column of fire coming from the treetops.

We always get amazing sunrises at this time of year.  It's one of many things I love about living in Germany.  I can't say I miss Texas at all, except for when we got to hang out with Bill's mom.  I don't know how much longer we'll have here, but I am happy to stay for as long as they let us.

Zane is still feeling pretty good lately, although his left eye has been giving him some trouble.  It's been a chronic problem for him.  One vet in North Carolina said she thought it might be due to his bout with ehrlichia.  Our German vet said she thought he had a tiny growth irritating his conjunctiva. It could also be due to allergies, although it's really only the left eye that gives him problems.  I don't know, but I keep giving him eyedrops, which temporarily fix him up.  I guess it's one more thing we'll address when we have his blood drawn next week.

About three months ago, I made a purchase on L.L. Bean that has turned out to be a God send.  I bought myself three cashmere sweaters.  I wouldn't ordinarily buy cashmere because it's expensive, even if the sweaters themselves were made in China.  I certainly wouldn't ordinarily wear it to walk my dogs.  But I am here to tell you that the cashmere sweaters are great for being here in the cold weather.  They are very lightweight and comfortable, but warm.  I also managed to find them in pretty colors, too.  In fact, I was just inspired to buy four more sweaters thanks to the freezing cold weather. Hopefully, they will last a long time and we'll get to stay in an area where I can wear them.  If we move back to the States, it's likely we'll move to a place where sweaters need to be mothballed.

I am still wearing stuff I bought the last time we lived here.  Back then, I bought a big down jacket from L.L. Bean.  I remember thinking it was a pretty shade of teal, but then when I got it, it was more like a sky blue color.  I didn't like the coat's color that much, but decided to keep wearing it because it fit well and was very warm.  Nine years later, I still wear that jacket, even though I have bought newer ones.  I bought a purple one from Eddie Bauer this year that is longer and fits well, but the quality isn't as good.  I got one from Columbia Sportswear that is lighter weight, but too shiny and trendy looking.  It's also a hair small for me, but I almost never zip up my jackets anyway because it's too stifling.

I also wear faux fur lined L.L. Bean snow boots that I bought last time.  I never thought I'd have the opportunity to wear them again, but they really come in handy.  Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, but they keep my feet perfectly warm and dry and they are easy to put on and take off.  I wish I could wear them year round and I'm glad I didn't get rid of them last time we lived here, even if my dogs have mistaken them for toys on more than one occasion.  I am a big fan of L.L. Bean, even if it's not the sexiest clothing ever made and even if one of the Bean granddaughters is a staunch conservative and Trump supporter.

I'm glad it's Friday, even if it is freezing cold outside.  In a week, we'll be on our way to France again, on a quest for wine, cheese, and pastries.  

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