Saturday, January 28, 2017

Crowdfunding fail...

I've mentioned before that I never go looking for information about my husband's ex wife.  However, I often find out about stupid shit she does because Bill sometimes looks her up to see what she's doing.  I have to admit he made me laugh yesterday when he told me that she tried to raise money through crowdfunding.

Ex has five kids and is currently claiming three of them are on the autism spectrum.  Her youngest kid is about ten years old.  She apparently wanted to raise money to buy him (and supposedly other kids with autism) an iPad.  Her goal was $1000.  So far, she has raised exactly $21.37.  Her campaign started well over a month ago.

Bill says he thinks she probably donated the money herself.  He has told me that she often has big ideas, but she never follows through with them.  I can see that this was yet another one of her big ideas gone bust.  Too bad, because if she was being legit, this would have been a worthy project.

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