Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CBD oil for Zane = miracle?

I started giving Zane CBD (hemp) oil on Friday.  Yesterday, I took two videos of him looking positively chipper.  I've been reading a lot about CBD oil in dog cancer groups and in blogs.  Prior to Friday, I had no experience whatsoever with CBD oil.  After just a few days, I feel like someone gave me my dog back.

So far, we've been mixing two drops of oil into Zane's food.  I give him a little ricotta cheese as part of Cleo's diet and we mix krill oil in that.  Since he loves the cheese and the CBD oil has a very strong "hay" flavor, we mix that in with his food, too.  He wolfs it down.

Yesterday, Bill took Zane on a walk and he was rarin' to go.  He came back and played with Arran for several minutes.  Then he took a nap.  Later last night, just before bed, he was playing with Bill.  I've noticed he's not as itchy as he's been recently and he's quit licking his paws so much, which has made them look less brown from the saliva.

For the longest time, I thought all the paw licking and chewing was due to allergies.  Some of it probably is.  But now I think he's been experiencing pain.  The CBD oil seems to alleviate the pain and inflammation, which is making him feel better.  I'm supposed to take him to see the vet next week for the PCR test to see if he has ehrlichiosis.  While we're there, I may have to tell her about the effects this oil is having on Zane.  I normally don't get too excited about "miracle cures", but I can't deny that he's changed in a good way in just a few days.

Of course, it's doubtful the CBD oil is fixing what made him feel bad in the first place, but he does seem to be feeling much, much better.  He's even tricked Arran a couple of times, psyching him out by barking at things not there, getting Arran to run to the door, and then coming back to us while Arran investigates.  It's hilarious to see.

Maybe the whole mast cell tumor thing is ultimately going to be a blessing.  Sometimes blessings do come in strange packages.  I never would have known about CBD oil if I didn't have a reason to research it.  Tagamet is another discovery I've made that has made Zane act like a new dog.  For so long, he's had a sensitive stomach and Tagamet has made a lot of those issues disappear.  It's amazing and gratifying to see it... and nice not to feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin due to nerves.

I'll keep going with our experiment and return and report.  I have to say... if this stuff is doing this and it's been kept away from the public because it's so effective, drug companies are even more immoral than I realized.

I'll post a couple of videos of Zane on the Facebook page for anyone who wants to see what I mean...

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