Saturday, January 7, 2017

Buyer's remorse...

Yesterday, I became aware of a strange phenomenon that apparently randomly strikes new dog owners.  Have a look at this...

You can't see the puppy because it's a video shot, but he is super cute and only 9 weeks old...

The fellow who posted this claims that his wife is having symptoms akin to post-partum depression because they adopted a puppy.  Much to my surprise, most of the people in the beagle group where this was posted are being super nice to him.  One lady even posted a link to information about "puppy depression".  Some people think this is a real thing.

Now, to me, this sounds more like a case of "buyer's remorse" than "puppy depression".  If you read the information from the link, it says that the depression is caused by several factors, like being resentful about a dog peeing on the carpet or tearing up furniture.  Post-partum depression, on the other hand, is caused by biochemical factors.  And mothers who have PPD can't simply get on the Internet and try to rehome their babies.  

I have had a few puppies in my lifetime and they can be challenging to deal with.  They chew things up, poop and pee on the floor, and cry at night for their littermates.  They require a lot of energy and attention.  Both MacGregor and Zane were very young when we adopted them.  They weren't quite puppies-- they were more like the teenager equivalent of dogs.  They were destructive and full of energy.  However, as challenging as those months were-- and they were truly only months because dogs mature quickly-- I still have so many awesome memories of how cute and funny they were as youngsters.  I look at Zane now and see how grey he is and wish I could have a few years back when he was young and annoying.  I still miss MacGregor, who went over the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.  Both MacGregor and Zane grew into wonderful companions and family members.

I think it's sad that this fellow paid $1000 to a breeder for an adorable puppy and now wants to rehome it due to a temporary situation.  My guess is that he and his wife are not experienced dog owners and didn't realize the energy that goes into dealing with puppies.  Either that, or there's another, less kosher reason they want to get rid of their puppy.  Many times, it has to do with money or a lack of time to spend with the puppy.

Anyway... I hope that cute little pup finds a new home soon with people who are ready to invest the time, energy, and money into making him a good family member.  It may very well be for the best that this dog finds a new home.


  1. I don't understand why many people don't have a better idea what it is they're getting into when they accept a dog into their family. Of course a puppy is going to pee on carpet and chew a few things up.

    1. Apparently, that brought on a bout of full blown depression.

  2. That form of pPD is probably about as real as the conventional form if you listen to Tom Cruise. i'm in the middle of Leah Remini's book so I'm obsessed with all things related to Scientology.

    1. I shared the photo with some local folks who have experience PPD. They were pissed.


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