Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Believe me, I'm not laughing.

My cousin shared this the other day.

Many of my relatives are ardent Trump supporters.  The other day, one of them shared this snarky video showing a lot of people predicting that Donald Trump would lose the election.  Her comment was, "Who's laughing now?"

Let me go on record as saying I am definitely NOT laughing.  I know a lot of people think Donald Trump is actually going to "make America great again."  And who knows?  Maybe he will pull it off. For the good of the country, I hope he does show us a side that we haven't seen.  I hope he does become a president to be proud of, someone who will effect major positive changes for American citizens.  Unfortunately, I have not yet seen any evidence whatsoever that Donald Trump even takes being president seriously.  In fact, I have my doubts that he even wanted to win the election.  

While I'm probably not as worried about the future as a lot of my liberal swinging friends are, I don't think Donald Trump is remotely qualified to be president.  I don't understand why Trump supporters aren't more concerned about the fact that he doesn't have any experience at all in government service. They say they like him because he's a businessman and not a career politician.  But would you hire a businessman to take out your appendix?  Would you hire a businessman to unclog your pipes or install your toilet?  Would you hire a businessman to fix your car?  Hell, would you hire someone with no relevant experience to manage a McDonald's?  I sure wouldn't.  It makes no sense that Trump got as far as he did in the first place, although I probably would prefer him to a religious nutjob.

I know it's going to take a lot to fuck up the world.  It's survived poisonous leaders in the past.  And I'm sure that most of us will survive Trump in the White House.  For me, personally, the sky isn't falling.  For other people?  Who knows?

The other day, I shared an article about a woman in Kentucky who voted for Donald Trump.  She didn't realize that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) could be repealed.  She and her husband only recently got health insurance thanks to that law and her husband needs a liver transplant.  They could lose their health insurance if the Republicans get what a lot of them want.  The Republicans are hard at work trying to dismantle the ACA, which I know is an controversial and flawed law.  Many people don't like the ACA, even though quite a few Americans have finally been able to get health insurance.  I don't think it's a bad idea to try to fix the law and/or refine it so that it works better for everyone.  But getting rid of the whole thing, particularly if there is no firm alternative prepared, is a horrible idea for many people.  That is a plan that is going to cost lives.

Aside from the fact that Donald Trump is extraordinarily narcissistic and lacks empathy for other people, he's also just plain disgusting.  I don't understand how my very Christian and moralizing family members can get behind a man who clearly has no respect for women and brags about grabbing them by the pussy.  I can't comprehend how they can be excited about Melania Trump as our first lady, a woman who posed nude in many magazines during her modeling days.  This is not to say that I think being nude is anything to be ashamed of.  It's more to point out that the Trumps don't exactly line up with my relatives' sanctimonious Bible thumping bullshit.  How can they be excited about a man in the White House who has been accused of hiring Russian prostitutes to pee on him?  Even if the Russian prostitute scandal turns out to be untrue, it surprises me that they'd want to support anyone who was even accused of such a thing.  These are the same people who were outraged when Michelle Obama sported bare arms.

I totally understand that a lot of people didn't want Hillary Clinton as president.  I didn't want her in the White House, either.  I think she would have been a much better choice than Trump, though.  At the very least, she knows how to hide her narcissism and she has relevant experience.  

I totally understand that a lot of people in the United States wanted a change.  Historically, every eight years or so, the American people vote in the other party.  It was time for a Republican president to be elected, at least historically speaking.

What I don't understand is why we had such hideous choices for president on either side of the political spectrum.  Why did we (realistically) only have Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to choose from?  Aren't there other people in our country who are qualified to lead?  I really think it all comes down to who has the most money.  Regular people who aren't wealthy could probably never hope to win the White House.  That's a shame.  It's regular people who are in touch with what other regular people are facing day to day.  People like Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump can't really represent most Americans because they aren't regular Americans.  But given a choice, I think Mrs. Clinton has more of a clue than Mr. Trump does.  And I think that after he's inaugurated, a lot of the people who are asking "Who's laughing now?" will be crying along with those of us who already see potential disaster looming.


  1. I think that it's not that we didn't have better choices for president. It's just that you have to be a special kind of crazy to be willing to put your family through the process of a national election.

  2. You said everything that I think about the matter except that you stated it much more concisely and clearly than I could have.

    I don't understand how both major parties could have been in such perfect synchronicity in fucking up so colossally by presenting us with two such flawed candidates. Ms. Clinton was, in my opinion, by far the less fucked-up of the two options the major parties gave us, but she, too, had tons of derogatory baggage. I voted for her, but I really wish it had not been one of those "Hobson's choice" sorts of optios.

    My aunt is involved in major agriculture. She and her husband, her grown sons, and her husband's brothers are primarily dairy people; in particular, they got into the organic dairy operation in a huge way when it was on the ground floor.. I'm sure their agricultural assets have been spread out a bit purely for the sake of diversification, though most of what they've done has been to get money not essential to the dairy operation out of agriculture entirely and in graduated degrees of safe holding. They and their spawb, and probably THEIR spawn as well, are set for life barring some sort of zombie eclipse. They like to think of themselves as "busniess people" and not as dairymen" or farmers." Who in hell am I to argue with this distinction? They've made some incredibly smart decisions, have lived humbly while other dairy people were living it up then losing their holdings, nd then buying up foreclosed properties on money they could have spent but didn't. Their timing was flawless. If they choose to refer to themselves as business people and decline to precede the word business with "agriculture" in detailing their operations, they have every right to do so.

    What I don't get about my aunt and uncle , their sons, and my uncles' brothers, is exactly what they think Trump is going to do that will be so incredibly beneficial to their opertions. I'm not a minder reader, but I'm guessing that if I were, I would know that President-Elect Trump would place businesses of the agricultural sort among the very lowest, were he to rank them. I suspect he'd place career gamblemers -- nd not stock-market gamblers, but actual fat cats who belly their way up to blackjack tables -- ahead of those whose business is agriculture. My aunt thinks President-Elect Trump understand that the sheer amount of paperwork required to document that a heifer has spent her entire life in or on organic facilities, for example, is outrageous and is an unrealistic expectation for those operating dairies. I think my aunt is wring. If anything, President-Elect Trump probably thinks ot's good for the paper and ink cartridge industries, as these documents usually must be transmitting both electronically and by hard copy. Furthermore, I think President-Elect Trump i so far removed from the day-to-day aspects of running a business -- any business -- that he likely cannot relate to the day-to-day concerns of running any sort of business. He knows how to fire people and hire his relatives as replacements, and he seems to have a good, strategic grasp for when and how to declare bankruptcy. The more mundane matters are buried under decades of past memories.

    And penultimately, if trade agreements hurt farmers, president-Elect Trump will not care. i don't know too much about what crops we export to China, but if organic milk happens to be among them, my aunt's and uncle's financial standing will be hurt by President-Elect Trump's likely policy. If they grow and sell almonds, and I believe they do, they will surely be hurt by any trade ban with China.

  3. Finally, the one area in which my aunt and uncle stand to benefit from the President-Elect's policies is in relation to estate taxes and general taxation of those whose annual incomes and holdings are in the seven-to-nine figure ranges. Perhaps this is what my aunt and uncle were looking for in the first place. Perhaps all the rest was just a jumbled mess of red herrings. My uncle is a slightly crass good old boy who would have no issue with a president who speaks of grabbing women's pussies (as long as it was not his wife's or my [he has no daughters; as his God-daughter, I'm the closest thing] pussy in particular to which Trump referred. My Aunt, on the other hand, is about as conservative as a Catholic can get without joining up with a nunnery or becoming Opus Dei. She spends about as much time in Bible study groups (Catholic, Protestant, and non-denominational) as she does overseeing, along with her brother-in-law, the financial operations of the business. I fail to see how she can reconcile her religious beliefs with having voted for Trump. In the 2012 election, she had serious qualms about voting for Romney because of his status as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. she did, in the end, cast her vote for Romney, but it was not easy for her to have done so. Yet she checked the box next to a known philanderer's name without giving it a second thought.

    I understand that the religious right is less taken with the rights of women than are the rest of us, but I'd like to think that a self-professed Christian would have a slightly easier time recognizing blatant evil and voting against it, even when the only other choice was "slightly less blatantly evil." How most people voted was not of major concern to me. Where my God-parents, and particularly my God-mother, were concerned, however, I was taken aback, and personally so. I felt cast to the wolves with their votes.

    1. Yeah... this whole election is a fucking fiasco.


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