Thursday, January 12, 2017


This song seems really appropriate this morning... 

You know that old saying, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall?"  It's true.  The higher up the ladder you go, the more likely it is that someone will try to knock you off.  It's one of life's saddest lessons.  

Some people thrive on a cut throat environment, where it's all about being competitive and getting ahead.  Other people find backstabbing distasteful.  Aside from the fact that screwing people over ultimately has a ripple effect, it also has a way of coming back on a person later on.  Bill is fond of the saying, "The butt you kick today may be the one you'll have to kiss tomorrow."  I'm not a fan of that particular saying.  It makes me cringe.  However, there is definitely a ring of truth to it.  Past insults do have a way of coming around to bite you in the ass later.

Queen expressed my sentiments quite well with their song, "Hammer to Fall"...

It's hard to find true friends.  The older you get, the rarer real allies become.  Even if you keep your eyes peeled 24/7, there's always someone out there looking for weaknesses they can exploit.  Sometimes you can see it coming; other times you don't.  

I think it's a shame that kindness doesn't always get rewarded in today's world.  Our society seems to value getting ahead at all costs, which is why there are so many who admire people like Donald Trump.  I remember being young and stupid and admiring people who had money.  I was attracted to a life of comfort rather than substance.  As I got older, I started to see things differently.  I still like my comfort, but I place more value on less tangible things.  I see that real friends are worth a lot more than material possessions.

Sorry to be so cryptic today.  This topic is on my mind, but it's one of those subjects where it's often better to be a bit vague.  

Tomorrow, we're headed to France for the long weekend.  I don't have a lot of goals in mind.  I really just want a change of scenery, some new photos for my feed, and French groceries and wine.  The dogs are coming with us.  

Zane is feeling particularly perky this morning.  He just came in here, his eyes bright, and whined at me.  I thought he wanted to go back to bed, but what he really wanted was for Arran to get up.  Arran did, and Zane took his place on the fuzzy blue blanket I put on top of our bed after the heat went out in November.  The dogs love that thing, but they're too competitive to share it, even if it is king sized.   

I wouldn't ordinarily get too excited about Zane and his manipulative way of getting on the blanket, except until a couple of weeks ago, he was mostly staying under the covers.  Since I started giving him CBD oil (two weeks tomorrow), he's been more social, curious, and more like the charmer he was before his mast cell tumor.  Yesterday, he and Arran had a great walk.  They had plenty of energy and really enjoyed the snow... a lot more than I did, anyway.  We may get a few more years out of him yet. 

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