Friday, January 20, 2017

Annoying SongPop opponents...

I'm going to try really hard not to blog about a certain 45th U.S. president today.  He's already getting more coverage than he deserves and frankly, I'm tired of thinking about him.  So today, I want to write about SongPop.

If you're on Facebook, you may have played this game a time or two.  The object is very simple.  You and an opponent try to be the first to guess the name of a song or an artist.  I've been playing for about five years now, even though sometimes I get tired of it.  What can I say?  I love all kinds of music and sometimes I find old, obscure stuff on there I had long forgotten about.  SongPop can be fun and satisfying, too.  This is especially true if your opponent likes the same kind of music you do.

Every time you win a round, you get three coins.  If you lose, you get one coin.  Tying nets two coins.  Once you have enough coins, you can buy new playlists.  I have a wide range of playlists because when I started playing, there weren't that many to choose from and I had to buy lists from genres with which I am not that familiar.  As the game got more popular, more lists were available.  It's now possible for a player to have a bunch of lists from the same artist or genre.  Consequently, sometimes your opponent gets stuck on that one kind of music... and that usually means he or she is unbeatable in that little niche.

One guy I play with is obsessed with U2.  He must own all of U2's playlists.  And since he's so obsessed, it's hard to beat him on U2.  If he's not playing U2, he plays British TV themes.  Now, it's true that I did live in Britain for three years and we actually had British TV, but I am an American.  So although there are a few American themes thrown in there, it's hard for me to beat this guy on the British TV themes playlists.  Because I get to feeling bitchy, I hit back by making him play Willie Nelson or 70s Country songs.  I notice he's not up on James Taylor.  It's very satisfying to send him a JT playlist.

I played another guy for a couple of years who was obsessed with Techno and House Music.  I used to groan every time I saw a playlist featuring Trance music or Euro Dance music.  I usually guessed my way through them or just randomly picked things to get through the match.  I was glad when he finally quit playing with me.  It took years, though.

Then there are the people who want to play me who are obviously a lot younger than I am and listen to shit I've never heard.  Like, for instance, the teenagers who listen to Justin Bieber or One Direction.  I have to guess a lot with them, too.  I am sure they are equally annoyed when I make them play Forgotten 80s.  And yet they keep challenging me and because I have a somewhat competitive spirit, I keep accepting their challenges.

Because I live in Germany, sometimes I get matched with people who don't speak English and want to cuss me out in German for making them play Johnny Cash or National Anthems (which I generally suck on pretty hard).  This actually happened to me not too long ago.  Some German guy sent me an irate private message because I sent him a Johnny Cash playlist.  I wrote back in my terrible German that I didn't understand.  ;-)

Then there are the people who are obsessed and keep hitting you with challenges over and over again, like they have no life or shitty TV shows to watch.  I actually took SongPop off my iPad for awhile due to a couple of people like that.  I added it back when I started watching 80s TV on Apple TV.  Of course, it's hard to do well on SongPop when you're distracted by JR Ewing.  Not only is he distracting, but I can't hear the damn songs over the treacly Dallas soundtrack.

Yes, I know... I need to get a life.

I have a love/hate relationship with this game...

I wish more people would play Words With Friends with me.  Better yet, I wonder how it is that I ended up in this place.  


  1. I'm utterly ignorant to all of this.

    1. It actually sounds pretty funny.

      I have never in my life been more glad than I was tonight to have Friday night arrive. This delivering babies all week business is for the birds. I heard a rumor that if a med student demonstrates competence and enthusiasm relatively early into the rotation yet makes it clear that he or she plans to pursue another specialty, they let up on the "every other night" on call nonsense for 3rd-year students. I'm operating on the assumption that such is fact, and I shall become the perkiest little clerkship student in the program every time I'm called at 3:00 a.m. while making it clear that I'm just doing this for fun, because I plan to specialize in pediatric neurosurgery or dermoplastics or radiologic hematology or the pathology of shit or whatever, ANYTHING but OBGYN. Hopefully that will get me out of overnights in a couple of weeks. i NEED my sleep.

    2. Now I have someone who is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers.

    3. That sounds like it sucks. I would not want to be hauled out of bed at 3:00am, either.


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