Thursday, January 5, 2017

An oddly comforting dream this morning...

I don't often have dreams that I remember.  When it comes to dreaming, Bill has me beat.  He has them, remembers them, and tells me about them.  I dream a lot too, but I don't often have really vivid ones that stick in the brain.  I did have a vivid dream this morning, though.

I know there were parts I dreamt before what I most clearly remember.  I want to say I was working and some co-workers and I went to this family owned Italian restaurant.  No one in the restaurant spoke English, but everyone was unfailingly nice and friendly and the food was outstanding.  They also had live music.

I stood in line looking at the food.  It was set up cafeteria style and you just pointed to what you wanted.  The mother of the family was very kind and smiled at me, encouraging me to choose from the many delicious dishes.  She didn't speak English at all, but somehow I was able to ask her about her son, who was supposedly a high speed veterinarian with his own practice.  She somehow told me in Italian that, yes, he had a big practice, and yes, I should go there with my dog, Zane.

Somehow, I ended up in a very large and comfortable waiting room.  It reminded me a bit of a student union at a college.  And there was live entertainment there, too.  A man I recognized but couldn't name was standing in front of a microphone singing and playing guitar.  A woman, also a singer, was milling around in the waiting room of this veterinary facility, ready to entertain people waiting with their dogs to see the doctor.

I woke up with Zane lying between my legs and Arran's head on my shoulder.  Both were safe, warm, and happy.

I told Bill about the dream before he went to work this morning.  He said the themes were reassuring and suggested abundance.  We did just book an apartment in France next weekend.  It's no big deal.  We're taking the dogs to Ribeauville, which is a town on the Alsace wine route, not too far from lovely Riquewihr (where we went at the end of July).  My main goal is to get a change of scenery and pick up some food and wine.

Maybe the message is that my dogs are basically okay.  At this point, neither of them are very sick and dying like their predecessors CuCullain (CC), Flea, and MacGregor did.  CC was the only one of our dogs who didn't have cancer, but his situation was the worst of all.  We lost him after just having had him sixteen months.  He was relatively young and very unique-- a beagle mix with ice blue eyes and a wonderful, calm personality.  He had a rare mycobacterial infection-- so rare that most vets will never see a case in their careers.  We took him to a high speed vet, where we were charged an obscene amount of money for a very short stay.  And I really don't think they knew a whole lot about what they were doing, either.

The high speed vet in that case told us that he'd only seen one other dog with that type of infection and that there wasn't much that could be done for it.  I got the sense that he wanted to study our dog, but we knew he was in pain.  We let him go.

The other two dogs both had horrendous cancer that took them rather quickly and painfully.  I didn't know much about dogs with cancer and Facebook wasn't as big of a thing back then, so I wasn't connecting with people who could advise me about diet or holistic remedies.  By the time we figured out what was really wrong with either of them, there wasn't much we could do.

This time, I know more and, at least so far, neither dog has had catastrophic cancer.  At least, I haven't seen any signs that they have it.  Zane is doing better thanks to Tagamet and CBD oil.  I don't know how long we'll have with either Zane or Arran, but the dream I had was reassuring.  It told me to relax, enjoy, and take what we need.  I don't know how much stock I put in dreams, but maybe this one contained a little pearl of wisdom for the ages.    

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