Monday, January 9, 2017

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Yesterday, I read a post on Facebook by George Takei.  It was about a young woman named Kayla Hurley who decided to lose 193 pounds after she couldn't get the safety bar down on a roller coaster.  As these types of posts usually bring out the fat shamers, I posted this.

I promise you, she did not lose weight because someone made cruel remarks to her about her size. She did it for herself and deserves all the credit.

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In the few minutes since I posted this, seven more people have liked this comment.

I was really shocked when I noticed how many "likes" that simple post got.  It also brought out a few unapologetic fat shamers, as I figured it would.  I responded several times to those who insist that making rude or derogatory comments to heavy people inspires them to lose weight.  Frankly, it surprises me when people defend being rude to others, even under the guise of being "concerned" about their health.

All I was asking people to do is consider that fat people are human beings with feelings.  The vast majority of them have normal intelligence.  They know what they look like and they know that being very heavy puts them at risk for developing some diseases.  They don't need to hear shit from a stranger about their health, which is really no one else's business anyway.  I was asking for civility and decency rather than unkindness and cruelty.

I was surprised by how much my simple post resonated with people.  I don't think I've ever gotten that many likes on anything I've posted on Facebook.  I'm actually glad I wrote it, not because of all the likes, but because it got me to thinking.  A person can express concern for another person without mentioning their weight.  Personally, I really think that is a better motivator for change, anyway.  Letting someone know they matter and are valued, I think, is a better way to inspire them to take care of themselves than making fake concern comments about their health.

It's January, so a lot of people are thinking about making changes for the new year.  I'm sure if I were in the United States, I'd be watching a lot of TV and hearing endless ads for diet plans.  January is when they tend to strike in full force.  Most diet plans don't end up working for any number of reasons.  The truth is, weight loss requires a commitment to lifestyle change and that's tough for many people to do.

I think of this as one of life's many problems.  It really comes down to the person deciding to lose weight making the decision to change.  Crappy comments from strangers aren't likely to inspire change.  What they will mostly inspire is depression and the desire to self-soothe.  I think that people who genuinely are concerned about someone else's health can express that concern in constructive and loving ways.  Really, it's best to express it to someone who will be receptive to the message and actually values your opinions.

Anyway...  those are my thoughts so far this morning.  I'm into my second cup of coffee, which I decided to lace with CBD oil.  I have noticed that Zane is a lot more like his old self, although he's still not quite 100% normal.  He doesn't even seem to mind the "hay" taste.  I notice that while he didn't seem to like the taste the first time he tried the oil, now he willingly eats it.  I'm reminded of when we still had our old dog, Flea, and he was dying of prostate cancer.  It got to the point at which Flea would just open his mouth when he saw me coming with the syringe of painkillers.  Since CBD oil has had such an effect on Zane, I decided to try it too.  Maybe it'll make me feel better as I march toward the big change.

Happy Monday to you all...  when the sun rises, I shall get dressed and take the boys for a walk in the snow.


  1. I don't think I ever made any self-improvement because of insulting or shaming comments. Why would being overweight be any different in that regard?

    1. Because it's the one thing that is still politically correct to criticize.


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