Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yesterday, I learned that British candy is "inedible"...

This is according to a Facebook "friend" I know from my days on Epinions.com.  I wrote that I wanted to binge on British candy.  Several like minded friends were opining.  Then along comes a lady with whom I rarely communicate.  This was her comment.

I never liked British candy and would take my own when traveling. Their chewing gum is awful, too.

For some reason, this comment annoyed me.  I didn't understand why she posted it.  So I wrote this:

Good to know.

I have taken to posting "Good to know." whenever someone says something negative about something I like.  It happened twice yesterday.  The first person I addressed with it was smart enough to back off.  The second one, unfortunately, was not and continued with the inane conversation posted below for your entertainment.

Then a British friend wrote this.

Chocolate: not strictly candy!

And my response was this.

I liked most of the candy I had... except maybe the licorice.

Not taking the hint, the British candy disser came back and wrote this.

Yes, chocolate and candy. Neither was edible.

That comment annoyed me further, so I added this...

In your opinion. I love British chocolate. Tastes differ.

My British friend came back and cheered me on for sticking up for British candy.  Another British friend added her two cents.  Some time passed and I though that was the end of it.  I was wrong.  British candy disser came back and wrote this.

Yes, in my opinion.

So I wrote this...

Just so long as you acknowledge it.

Which apparently got under the disser's skin...

Of course I do. Why wouldn't I? I don't think it's a big deal though but I can see where I probably should have kept my opinion to myself. Sorry about that.

So I wrote this...

I just think that if someone says they really like something and you say it's "inedible", you beg for a response. :) But then, I hate mushrooms, so there you go. I also have several British friends and they like their chocolate.

And the disser made yet another reply...

Yeah, my British and Scottish friends also like it but they "love" our American candy and chocolate the best. Different strokes for different folks. :o)

I was really tempted to remind her that Scottish people are, in fact, also British, but decided I'd had enough of the conversation and simply ended with an "Indeed."

This time of year always makes me even more uptight than usual and that's certainly the case this year.  I've been worried about the dog's health and my own health.  Consequently, I was a bit on edge.  

As Bill and I were getting ready to go to sleep, we had a silly argument.  He got upset and told me that the other day, his stepmother posted about her seventeen year old dog dying in her sleep.  Everyone was posting their condolences, including Bill's ex daughter and Bill himself.  He was upset about seeing his traitorous ex kid on his stepmother's feed, as well as the fact that they were so sad over a seventeen year old dog dying at home in her sleep (because we would love it if one of our dogs could be so lucky).  I told him I didn't understand why he didn't just spare himself (and me) the stress and block or at least unfriend the lot of them.  Bill doesn't like to confront people.  I can understand that.  I don't like confronting people either.  Sometimes it has to be done, though.

In any case... I still love my British chocolate and will enjoy it at any opportunity.  And I will be pretty glad when the holiday season is over.  This time of year makes me crazy.

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