Monday, December 5, 2016

Trump supporters are annoying, part 2...

Yesterday, I became aware of Donald Trump's latest hissy fit.  Like many people, I found it both ridiculous and embarrassing that Trump took to Twitter to complain about how he was roasted on Saturday Night Live.  Aside from the fact that every president and president-elect has been lampooned on SNL in the many years the show has run, I had to wonder why Trump was spending time kvetching about it on Twitter.  He's about to become one of the most powerful people on Earth and has clearly not been using his time wisely in preparation for the monumental job he's about to undertake.

I shared the news post on Facebook and was taken to task by someone who thinks I'm too hard on Trump.  His first comment was "He can't say what he thinks about something?"

My response was, "He should be focused on things other than SNL.  If he's this upset about SNL now, he's in for a world of hurt once he takes office.  Aside from that... I can't say what I think about something?"

The guy came back at me a couple of times, accusing me of not giving Donald Trump a chance and criticizing every little thing he does.  Let me just say this.  If Donald Trump surprises us and ends up being a good president, I promise to eat my words.  I am able to apologize when I'm wrong.  I may not enjoy apologizing, but in this case, I would really like to be wrong.  I hope Trump is a great president.  But my observations of his recent behavior, especially on Twitter, leads me to believe that we're in for a long four years.  My opinions are based on my observations of Trump's very public infantile behavior.  He is a public figure and, therefore, is fair game.  Moreover, he can take the criticism.  He's got no problem dishing it out, right?

As this discussion was progressing last night, something suddenly dawned on me.  The person who took me to task over my comments about Trump is a member of the military.  I have written more than once about how Facebook has many pages devoted to making fun of oversensitive, whiney, military spouses.  I know this friend enjoys the humor on those pages.

Let's say SNL did a sketch about military spouses who complain about trivial things.  What is the likelihood that people in the military community would make fun of the people who were "butthurt" over such a sketch?  Having been in the military community for most of my life, my guess is that the likelihood would be very high.  There would be snarky Facebook posts aplenty about the whiney dependas complaining about jokes directed at them.

While I don't condone griping from anyone, it does seem to me, the president-elect should be held to a much higher standard than the average military spouse.  Trump will soon have enormous power over the rank and file citizens of the United States.  He certainly doesn't need my Facebook friends sticking up for him.  He probably wouldn't even appreciate the effort.  Moreover, why is it okay to bash military spouses who act entitled and complain about silly things, but it's not okay to call out the president-elect for the same asinine behavior?

I commented that Trump's complaints about being roasted on SNL are not so different than an Army wife's complaint about not being saluted at the front gate by the MPs.  It's trivial and ridiculous and makes him look like a big baby.  That's not the image I want to see reflected in my president and I'm going to continue to criticize that behavior as I see fit.  It makes me feel better.

Donald Trump needs to take being the U.S. president seriously and stop acting like a petulant child.  He's 70 years old and should have been potty trained long ago.  


  1. i don't see your Facebook page, but it doesn't seem that you've expended an excessive amount of print space to complain about or to lampoon Donald trump. We've all had a few things, good or bad, to say about him. I know people who haven't been able to get on with their lives since the election. You are not one of those people.

    1. Yeah. I don't understand why some people feel the need to argue with people on Facebook, especially about politics.

  2. P.S. I do worry about how Donald Trump's thin skin could affect foreign policy. The idea that a man who has such a short fuse has the code for the back box is a bit daunting. I trust the checks and balances of our system to take care of most everything else, but the idea that he could either fly off at the handle and nuke in a fit of fury over a real or imagined slight or about a head of the government of an nuclear-weapons-possessing state with which the U.S. has had contentious relations and cause that country to nuke us is scary to me.

    1. Well... I just hope and pray his time in office isn't a disaster.

    2. I don't get it when people want him to be terrible, because if he is, that won't be a good thing for ny of us. i suspect he's a one-term president, but a lot of people thought that about Obama. I'm just hoping for the best, or for the least bad.

    3. Yes. I think that's about the best we can all do. Hopefully, Trump will surprise us. I doubt it, though.


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