Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The most depressing film ever...

For some reason, I decided yesterday I wanted to see a movie from 1983 called Testament.  Testament  is the fictional story of a town that gets hit with nuclear fallout.  The town, called Hamelin, California, is supposedly within commuting distance of San Francisco, which got the brunt of the blast.

This film stars Jane Alexander and William Devane, along with Roxana Zal, Rossie Harris, and a young Lukas Haas.  They are the Wetherly family and, up until that fateful day of the nuclear blast, they were a perfectly normal family.  After the explosion, people in the town begin to get sick and die.  There's no more gas, no more electricity, and no more contact with the outside world.

Testament is also notable because two future movie stars were in minor roles within it.  Kevin Costner and Rebecca DeMornay play a young married couple with a baby girl who dies because of the radiation sickness.

Although the story is haunting and the acting is superb, Testament is one of those films I can barely stand to see more than once in a decade.  It's a profoundly depressing movie that came out at the height of the Cold War, when many people were worried about world leaders hitting the red button.

Actually, given that Donald Trump is about to be our president, this film may be closer to reality than we might think.  Really, it seems like every day, something new and shitty happens.  Like, for instance, yet another incident here in Germany.  Yesterday, a tractor trailer drove into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing twelve people and injuring many more.  It's looking like that was a terrorist attack.  Berlin is one city Bill and I still haven't seen.  We're making plans to visit eventually.  I'm glad we weren't there for this...

I am feeling fearful about our future.  Anyway, if you need the shit scared out of you, I recommend Testament.  It is a good film, but it'll probably depress the hell out of you.


  1. It sounds good but too dark for me. I have too many bad dreams already.

    1. I would not recommend it to anyone who regularly has nightmares.


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