Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Face is boring...

I used to be quite the ANTM fan back in the day.  I quit watching it a few years ago when Kelly Cutrone joined the cast.  I can't stand her.

Anyway... today, I needed more TV because the weather was depressing and we stayed in all day.  Bill also had to update some security clearance paperwork and that took several hours.  I ended up downloading The Face, which is Naomi Campbell's and Nigel Barker's foray into reality TV and the modeling industry.  I gotta say, I'm on episode two and it's a snore.  I can see why it didn't last.

On the other hand, I think I like Naomi better than Tyra Banks.  She doesn't come across nearly as narcissistic and bitchy.

In other news... I did something to my back and it's killing me.  I'll probably go to bed early tonight, like I did last night.

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