Thursday, December 29, 2016

The 2016 death spiral continues... RIP Debbie Reynolds

I can't say I know a whole lot about Debbie Reynolds, other than her status as Carrie Fisher's mother and her turn in Singin' In The Rain (another film I haven't seen, but know the references).  I remember thinking last night, as Bill and I ate pizza and pasta, that no one had died.  It was getting late and I thought I'd manage to get to bed before there was an announcement.  I did, in fact, manage to get in bed before hearing about Debbie Reynolds' sudden death at age 84, just one day after her daughter's demise.  I did read that she'd been rushed to the hospital.

Zane woke us up at 3:45am, needing a potty break.  I grabbed my iPad and saw the news...  Many people wonder if she died of a broken heart.  I suppose the stress of suddenly losing your daughter, especially when you're 84 years old, could lead to a stroke.  I feel sad for Carrie Fisher's daughter, Billie, and her brother, Todd, who are now left to mourn their mothers.

There's been a lot of joking about Betty White, who is in her 90s.  Some people worry that she may be next, simply due to her age.  Bill has said he doesn't think Queen Elizabeth is long for the world, also because she's very elderly and was reported to be very sick with a cold.  We'll see...  I don't want to tempt fate by speculating much more.

Some people ask why people get so upset over celebrities who die.  They rightly remind everyone that people have friends and family members who should mean more to them than a celebrity.  I agree, many people are lucky enough to have people close to them and when those people die, it ought to be more upsetting.  But celebrities offer people a common thread.  Their work is available to everyone and offers people a common frame of reference.  Furthermore, people who don't have anyone might feel a connection to the celebrity's performance that means something to them.

I know when James Taylor dies, if I'm not already dead myself, I will be very sad.  I don't know James Taylor, but his music has gotten me through some tough times.  So although I'm not one of his friends, his music has touched my life.  And when he dies, I'm sure I will feel like I lost someone important to me.

When George Carlin died, I experienced loss.  Although I am a big Carlin fan (literally and figuratively), I never knew him personally.  But his work influenced me and affected my life.  I was sad when he died.  My mom, showing unusual empathy, actually expressed condolences to me when Carlin died.  She knew he was important to me and, like James Taylor, got me through some hard times with his humor.

So I don't think it's stupid, wrong, or disingenuous to mourn celebrities.  Many (but not all) celebrities are in the public eye for a good reason.  If they manage to stay in the spotlight, it's often (but not always) for a good reason.  There's nothing wrong in acknowledging them when they die.  Perhaps some people mention the deaths only to give other people something to talk about, especially on social media outlets like Facebook.  I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather talk about a newly dead celebrity's life than politics.

Anyway... two days left in 2016.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the celebrities at risk of perishing before the New Year.


  1. i don't think there's anything wring with mourning celebrities' deaths either. I thinkI blogged about a cohort mate who was so stricken over Prince's death that she had to be driven home. I wansn't bothered by her response itself wexcept that in her particular case, it seemed insincere and a way to get out of lecture for the day. the cohort mate is a person who loudly shares every detail of her life with all within earshot whether we care or not, and Prince had never been as much as a blip on the radar screen. But had it been Kanye West -- about whom she talks as though they're close relatives -- I would have understood perfectly.

    I , too, would mourn the loss of James Taylor. 9I don't remember if I mentioned that I finally got to see hi in concert this past summer.

    I mourned when Gordon Lightfoot's lead guitarist died a few years ago. He was a sweet person in addition to being an outstanding musician.

    If Judge Alex leaves the planet before I do, they'll probably have to cart me out of wherever I am, screaming, and sedate me.

  2. P.S. I'm taking my temperature about every ten minutes on average if I'm awake because once it hits normal, I don't want to delay the 24-hour countdown until skiing any longer than necessary.

  3. Being sick is a bummer. Take care of yourself. We don't want to mourn you, too.


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