Sunday, December 25, 2016

So let's cut the stupid cake...

I might have to watch this later.

When I was growing up, I loved Christmas.  The food was delicious.  My sisters would come home and we'd exchange presents.  I didn't enjoy going to church, but I probably liked the Christmas Eve service more than the regular ones I was forced to sit through every Sunday.  Of course, sometimes Christmas fell on a Sunday, as it did this year.  We'd have to go to church and then come back and open presents.

As I got older, Christmas became less fun.  It was more of an obligation than something enjoyable.  And then there were repeated dramas that made the holiday season really much less fun.  It got to the point at which I finally swore off spending holidays with family members other than Bill and his mom.  I'd probably spend it with my mom, but only if it was just her.  

Bill and I mostly do our best to enjoy our holidays together.  We usually have a nice breakfast, listen to Christmas music (probably the one day of the year we do), and open presents.  Then we sit around the house, drink booze, and watch funny movies.  That's what we'll probably do today.  It's all cloudy and depressing outside anyway.  Besides, Germany pretty much shuts down completely for Christmas.  Nothing will be open again until Tuesday.

I know it's a movie about a wedding singer, but this kinda sums things up for me.

God bless us... every one!

In all seriousness, I hope everyone reading this has a fabulous, drama free, stress free, delicious day, no matter what you celebrate.  Some people might be celebrating a big dump.  I know I will.

Edited to add...  for all my readers.

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