Thursday, December 22, 2016

I do what I want...

It's true... most of the time, I do what I want...

This t-shirt was on my Facebook feed.  I'm kind of tempted to buy it, but I never end up wearing these shirts when I do buy them.  I used to love wearing t-shirts with funny sayings on them, but I don't seem to like them as much now that I'm older.  They've become a waste of money and take up too much space in my overflowing dresser.

The days are creeping by toward Christmas.  I was afraid Bill wouldn't get any extra time off this year because Christmas is on Sunday, but it turns out he does get a day off next week and the week after.  That's good.

My only plans today are to vacuum the house and maybe walk the dogs.  But the ground is covered with thick frost and it's positively frigid outside, even though the sun is shining.  I know walking is good for me and the dogs, but I hate freezing cold weather unless there's snow.  Although Facebook says there's rain in the forecast, I don't see any evidence of it thus far.

I ate a banana this morning.  The first half of it made me throw up for some reason.  It wasn't overripe, though.  Maybe it was too starchy?  After I puked, I managed to finish the rest uneventfully.  Me and my early morning tummy troubles.  I'm as bad as our old dog, MacGregor, who used to regularly throw up bile in the mornings.

Anyway... here's to another post about nothing.  Maybe I'll be back later.  I did manage to write something of substance on my travel blog, at least.


  1. I like the t-shirt. Sorry you ate a bad banana.

  2. It wasn't a bad banana. That's what makes it weird that it made me sick.

    1. I hope you're soon better regardless of what mde you ill.

    2. Oh, it was just a momentary thing. I puked and was fine.


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