Friday, December 9, 2016


Sorry... here's another Zane post.

Today, as I was sitting here thinking about Zane and wondering why he's been so weird lately, it dawned on me that a few years ago, he was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis.  I gave him antibiotics for a few weeks and he was fine.  I don't think he ever even showed symptoms.  We lived in North Carolina and they screen for that shit there.

Fast forward a few years.  We now are in Germany and ticks are everywhere during the summer.  I know my boys were bitten many times last year, despite my efforts to keep them protected with Frontline Plus.  I remember last summer wondering about tickborne diseases, but I never asked the vet about it.

Now... five months later, I notice Zane has very slightly enlarged lymph nodes and seems to favor one of his legs.  It's not enough for a prominent limp, but it's clear that it bothers him if he gets too tired.  He has a little discharge from his eyes; one is worse than the other.  I don't know if he's the one who's been having accidents in the house, but it's possible.  And he is a bit more lethargic than usual, although his appetite is good thanks to Tagamet.

I am going to ask the vet to test him for Lyme and/or other tick diseases.  I think that could be the source of our problems.  All the other things I've read about his symptoms point to canine lymphoma, but he's had these symptoms for awhile and I'm pretty sure that if he had lymphoma, he'd be dead by now.  I have seen enlarged lymph nodes in dogs.  They get HUGE.  Like baseball sized.  Zane's are enlarged, but slightly so.

He did have a mast cell tumor, but I don't think that is the source of what ails him now.  If I'm right, I'm going to wonder why I didn't go to vet school.  Actually, I know why I didn't go.  Because simply dealing with Zane is driving me crazy.  I hate to see animals suffering.

Anyway, I don't think German vets routinely screen for diseases like Lyme or ehrlichiosis.  In fact, Zane is overdue for a blood test.  If I'm right, he could be helped with some Doxycycline.

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