Saturday, December 3, 2016

Encouraging visit with the vet...

Okay, I promise I'll find something else to write about besides doggy cancer.  I just wanted to write that yesterday's vet visit went fairly well, despite my nerves.  Zane's ears are fine.  I showed the vet the new lump I found and the ones that seem to be getting bigger.  She said I could bring him in for aspirates next week.  I'm on the fence about the aspirates, though I'll probably go ahead and have them done anyway.

I told her that I've been giving Zane Tagamet and Benadryl.  She didn't bat an eye.  I gave her the doses I have him at and she seemed to approve.  And she reassured me that the tumor that was removed was a low grade 2.  Of course, that doesn't mean there won't be new tumors.  It's almost expected.  But the one they got wasn't a really nasty one.  She also told me that if need be, we can get a referral to Tierklinik Hofheim, which is supposedly where Germany's best mast cell cancer doctor is.  The clinic is up near Frankfurt, which is a couple of hours away.  But we could get up there if need be.  I don't think Zane's situation is quite that dire yet, but it's comforting to know the option is there.

Germany has online doctor reviews, just like we do in the United States.  I noticed that our vets got low ratings, mostly from cat and rabbit owners.  Most people seemed to think they were unfriendly.  It's true that was my first impression when I met them, but over time, we've developed more of a rapport.  Except that for the past two years, I've been calling our vet by the wrong name.  I never had a reason to address her directly until yesterday.  It was actually kind of funny!  I can tell that she loves Zane, too.

Anyway... I'm trying really hard to chill out and not panic.  I do feel a lot better that I had a chat with the vet and she seems very open to referring us to another vet with more experience if it becomes necessary.  And despite being bumpy, Zane does seem to be feeling better.  He loves Cleo's diet, mainly because of the ricotta cheese.  I put Arran on it too, mainly because it's easier and he also had a tumor last year.  His was a lot smaller and had a lower grade, though.

I hate cancer so much.  But at least Zane seems to be feeling alright today.  I should probably just enjoy him and relax.  I wish I weren't such an anxiety prone person.

Alright...  Now I'm going to find some other topic to write about.  I need to get my mind off of this depressing topic and get back to living.

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