Monday, December 26, 2016

Bill the sneaky snake...

I used to love watching MadTV back in the day.

That is such a sneaky snake!

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post called Figurative Flamethrowers.  In that post, I alluded to a little plan my husband hatched to deal with his ex daughter.  As he was thinking of what to do, he said "I've decided on Christmas day, I'm gonna be a 'sneaky snake' and leave a message for my daughter on Facebook."

Now... this is nothing that should cause most people concern.  Bill is a perfectly respectable person who happens to share a mutual friend with his ex daughter.  Nothing he wrote was rude or offensive to the average person.

However, ex daughter refuses to speak to Bill and has made her hatred of him well-known, even though she didn't block him on Facebook.  So Bill decided to leave her a nice Christmas greeting and sign it "your father".  He did so publicly, so anyone who reads that thread will see Bill refer to himself as her father.  

If ex daughter hasn't told her husband the whole scoop and has misrepresented her stepfather as her real dad, this could potentially be a bombshell for him.  Or maybe it won't, because it's very likely her husband won't see Bill's message, but instead will experience the aftermath of it when she gets really upset.  Or maybe it'll be a non-issue and she won't care.  Who knows?

Before he posted the message, Bill referred to it as "dropping the mic."  I had to laugh at that, mainly because it's ridiculous that posting an innocuous Facebook greeting to one's child should cause such angst.  I'm kind of hoping Bill's ballsy comment prompts ex daughter to block him, but maybe it won't.  Maybe she'll respond in kind, which could open up a host of new problems for us.  Maybe it will show Bill's stepmother why I decided to block her a few years ago... because I could easily foresee this very thing eventually happening.

Some of you reading this post may think that I'm making too much of a big deal over this.  I'd actually agree with you.  I'd like for this not to be an issue.  But, as I have mentioned in other posts on this subject, we have been on the receiving end of a lot of these types of messages during the holiday season.  It's tiresome and disruptive and it's time the repeat offenders got a little taste of it themselves.

Hopefully, nothing dramatic will happen, but if something does, I'll probably write about it.  


  1. With the person your dealing, one never knows what might be the reaction. It's like taking a couple of unlabeled vials of chemicals and a dropper, and mixing a few drops of each into a petri dish and then just waiting for the reaction.


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