Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Yet another Duggar girl is a' courtin'...

I woke up to the news that 19 year old Joy Anna Duggar is about to be married off to Austin Forsyth, whose parents were once featured on the CMT show World's Strictest Parents and own a campground called The Rock.

Joy Anna seems "thrilled" to be courting...

Isn't it interesting that the four Duggar daughters who were molested by big brother Josh are now either married or about to be married.  None of the guys are courting, either.  Josiah tried to court, but that fell apart, probably because of the big Josh scandal.  Or maybe Marjorie Jackson just realized what being married to a Duggar would mean for her.  She'd be trotted out on camera anytime Boob needed a soundbite.  

Anyway... I quit watching the Duggars on TV some time ago because they'd become pretty boring.  It looks like now, in order to keep the gravy train rolling, they're gonna keep going with the weddings and babies.  I'm pretty sure the spin off families are Boob's idea of keeping the family business going.  

Austin is kinda cute, at least.  But Joy has only just turned 19 years old...  She still has so much ahead of her.  Marriage is a big deal.  I hope they can court a good long while so she'll have some time to mature.  I hope Austin isn't a creep, either.  I have always liked Joy.  She seems to have spunk.  I hope marriage at her young age doesn't pound it out of her prematurely.

Speaking of marriage, Bill and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary today.  I'm not sure what we'll do.  I think maybe we'll be low key and just enjoy each other.  It sounds like the wind and rain has picked up and we already spent all day yesterday lost in Donegal.  More on that on the travel blog.

I'm still worried about Zane, but I know deep down I shouldn't be.  Worrying is pointless.  This is just another one of life's little trials.    


  1. I hope she has a long courtship if she ends up marrying the guy, because she seems awfully young.


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