Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump supporters are annoying...

Yesterday, I ran across an article about how Melania Trump will be staying in New York City with her son, Barron, rather than moving into The White House.  This is ostensibly because the Trumps want to allow Barron the opportunity to finish the school year.  While I completely understand a parent wanting to let their child finish the school year, I do think this decision is yet another indicator that Donald Trump has no idea how public service works.

Kids have to change schools all the time, for whatever reason.  Military kids change schools very frequently, even though there has been a new policy put into place to allow high school seniors to stay in place until they graduate.  Barron Trump is ten years old, though, and if simply changing schools mid year is that much of a trauma for him, he's going to be in for a rude awakening.

It's going to cost taxpayers a lot of money to keep Melania and Barron Trump secure in New York City.  It's also going to inconvenience a lot of people who live in New York because of the heightened security requirements that will be required.

I pointed this out on my Facebook and a couple of people said they were okay with Barron finishing the school year in New York.  I would be too, if Barron were an ordinary kid with ordinary parents.  He's not, though, and this decision has far reaching consequences for all Americans.  And, to me, it just shows that Trump and family don't have an appreciation for what government employees and their families have to deal with.  Why can't Barron Trump suck it up?

I noticed another friend posted something similar on her Facebook wall...

I noticed that yet another annoying right wing, conservative, condescending white male had multiple comments about this development.  Basically, he shamed anyone who would deny poor Barron Trump the chance to finish out the school year in New York City.  But Donald and Melania Trump have many resources available to them and their son to make this move a smooth transition.  Military kids are expected to be resilient and get uprooted constantly.  Where's the empathy for them?

I just don't think Donald Trump has a clue about what it means to be a public servant.  Ultimately, as president, that's what he's supposed to be.  But he's concerned about his businesses and getting his children security clearances (hello, conflict of interest).  He's not about serving the American people.

I've been trying not to put too many political posts on my Facebook wall because I don't enjoy debating with people... especially the many conservative people in my friends list.  Last week, I had to tell a couple of Trump supporters to quit being so patronizing because I don't find that communication style very productive.  One poster insisted that I found him condescending due to his opinion.  That's not the case.  It's the attitude I object to, and the overall sentiment that those of us who see anything wrong with the Trumps are somehow just off the turnip truck.

*Sigh*...  I have this feeling that the Trumps aren't going to end up staying the course.  We could end up with Mike Pence as president.  What a shitshow this is.


  1. Everything I read about the Trump family causes me to appreciate the normalcy of the Obama family more and more. I agree that a ten-year-old should suck it up and switch schools. My military cousins did it all the time, just as you did. I only changed schools once mid-year, though I changed elementary schools every year until I made the move in mid-fifth grade. I spent sixth grade at that school, too, and then moved on with my classmates to middle school. In middle school, while I didn't change schools, I changed grades mid-year, which necessitates making new friends almost as much as changing schools does, plus you have the added factor of some of your old classmates making disgruntled comments about how you are too good for seventh grade. You suck it, ignore them the best you can, remain friends with the ones who meant the most to you, and get on with your life.

    What about next year? Has it been announced for sure that the Little Lord Trump is moving to D.C. for school next year? If he doesn't, i will be willing to say that it is an extreme parenting failure at the expense of the taxpayers. I'm going to PM something toyou at twitter.

  2. Actually, I didn't have to change schools like the typical military brat. My dad retired when I was six years old. When I was eight, we moved to Gloucester, Virginia and I grew up there. I often wished we could move.

    However, many children move during the school year and do fine. If the Trumps stay in New York City, it will cost taxpayers a lot of money and inconvenience a lot of taxpayers.

    One of my conservative white male relatives added another inflammatory comment yesterday about what a "great" leader Trump is. I can understand voting for Trump if you're a conservative white male who dislikes Hillary Clinton, but to say he's a good leader is ludicrous.


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