Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stupid on several levels...

Last night, I read the tragic story of one Terri Lynn Rote, a 55 year old woman from Iowa who is a big Trump supporter.  In fact, she is such a diehard Trump lover than she committed a Class D felony by voting twice.  She was arrested last Thursday and spent a night in jail before posting $5000 bond.  A preliminary hearing is now set for November 7.

Ms. Rote says that she doesn't know what came over her when she decided to cast a second ballot in favor of Donald Trump.  Apparently, she was convinced that the election is rigged and her first vote was going to be changed to one for Hillary Clinton.  Two others have been caught voting twice, though they were not arrested.

As I sat there last night, reading about Terri Rote and her plight, looking at her in her green striped jail garb, gazing at her pathetic pout and thinking it appeared a little Trump like, I couldn't help but wonder what the hell she was thinking.  Is she really so terrified of a Clinton win that she'd risk jail?  Apparently, she is.  It's just plain stupid.

Donald Trump does not care about people like Terri Rote.  Let's face it.  She's not his type.  She doesn't have money or good looks.  In fact, I'd say she's pretty short on brains, too.  Why go to jail over a presidential election?  It boggles the mind!  Sadly, it seems to me that she's impressionable and has fallen prey to a charismatic leader who has been claiming the election is rigged.  She lashed out inappropriately and will now pay the price.

I was curious about what commenters would have to say about Terri Lynn Rote.  Since the paper I found this story in is the Washington Post, I had some faith that maybe some of the comments would be intelligent.  A few people did, in fact, have intelligent insights about this story.  But far too many people focused on Ms. Rote's appearance and made cheap jokes about how she's prettier than Hillary Clinton is.  More than one person noted that Donald Trump would be hard pressed to rate her a two.  It's doubtful he'd even appreciate what she tried to do for his campaign.

Here's another thing that I think is stupid about this case.  Why put Ms. Rote in jail for voting twice?  It's not really a violent or dangerous crime.  We already have many people behind bars and that costs society in many ways.  Why not just levy a hefty fine?  Apparently, a Class D felony in Iowa can be penalized with up to five years in prison and $750 to $7500 in fines.  Apparently, it's akin to prostitution or pimping.  Although I'm sure a heavy fine would be tough for Rote, I don't see why she should be in prison for voting twice, especially since she got caught so quickly.

Ms. Rote is not the only one who has been busted for voter fraud.  Officials in Virginia and Florida have also filed voter charges against three people who are accused of fudging the ballots somehow.  Florida resident Gladys Coego, 74, was opening absentee ballots and was spotted changing blank ballots to support a candidate for mayor.  She's been charged with two felony counts of "marking or designating the ballot of another".  

In Texas, a man named Brett Mauthe was arrested for loitering and electioneering near a polling place.  He showed up in a Trump baseball hat and a t-shirt with the phrase, "Basket of deplorables", on it.

Why are people risking jail and fines for this election?  I think folks have lost their minds.  Every time there is a presidential election, people go crazy and do ridiculous things in the interest of choosing a new leader.  I just don't think it's worth getting arrested for, though.  Do you?


  1. This is as crazy as crazy gets. Why not just levy Ms. Rote to hefty community service and serious mental health services, which she could pay for with the money she otherwise would have used to pay the hefty fine? (Stupid is often beyond repair, but there appear to be things that can be done to restore sanity to some degree.) I agree that there was an eerie resemblance between her mug shot pout and the everyday pout of Trump.

    1. The whole thing is just tragic and dumb.


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