Friday, November 25, 2016

Rest in peace, Mrs. Brady....

I hadn't planned to write another blog post this morning, but I noticed that one of my old blog posts was getting a lot of attention.  Growing up, I watched The Brady Bunch rather religiously.  I still like watching reruns even today.  So when I saw that my post about Florence Henderson's life story was getting many hits today, I figured something was up.  Then I learned that she died of heart failure yesterday at age 82.

While 82 years is a respectable lifespan, I can't help but be a little sad that Ms. Henderson is now gone.  2016 has been a terrible year to be a celebrity.  So many legends have passed.  I suppose, on the positive side, at least they won't be around to see what happens when Donald Trump assumes the White House in January.

Given my lack of success with family blending, I suppose The Brady Bunch probably shouldn't be on my top ten list of television shows.  But I liked the show a long time before I ever knew that one day I'd marry a man with kids.  And while the story lines were silly and the acting was corny, there was something very wholesome and likable about the Brady family.  In an era when so many people were getting divorced, many people longed for the warm, loving family that the Bradys represented.  In today's world, there's still a lot of divorce, but the Bradys remain a representative of an ideal family, even though there was little realistic about them.

In any case, Florence Henderson was a classy, talented, graceful woman who led a long, productive life.  She overcame adversity to become a great success.  She's someone to be admired and, for sure, will be missed by her family and friends.  May she rest in peace.

Barry Williams is probably crushed in a different way today.

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