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Repost of my review of the film No One Would Tell...

Another rescued review from my Epinions days.  This one starred Fred Savage and Candace Cameron Bure.

  • Fred Savage lives up to his last name...

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      November, 06 2011
  • Pros: Highlights an important issue for teens.
    Cons: Cheesy.  Candace Cameron Bure is annoying and Fred Savage is totally unappealing.
    It's a lovely Sunday afternoon a week before I board a southern Caribbean cruise.  You'd think I'd have plenty to do, right?  I need to pack some clothes, take a walk to shrink my behind for our upcoming flights, research things to do on our trip...  And yet, here I sit, watching a made for TV movie from 1996 starring Candace Cameron Bure and Fred Savage.  These two actors, famous for their roles on Growing Pains and The Wonder Years respectively, paired up for No One Would Tell, a cheesy flick about abuse in a teen relationship.

    Now, I don't want to downplay the issue of abuse.  Of course relationship violence is an important topic.  Naturally, teens should be educated about it.  But this film is so cheesy it's got Lifetime Movie Network written all over it.  I guess that's why it was airing on that particular channel today.

    The plot  

    16 year old Stacy Collins (Candace Cameron Bure) is a sweet, shy, and pretty high school girl who is over the moon when star wrestling jock Bobby Tennison (Savage) asks for a date.  She never would have guessed a guy like Bobby would give her the time of day, let alone a night out on the town.  But pretty soon, Bobby's kisses are paired with bruises as he becomes more and more jealous and possessive of Stacy.  He separates her from her friends and treats her like property.

    Stacy's mom, Laura (Michelle Phillips), is not much help.  A single mom, she's more interested in being Stacy's friend than giving her guidance.  Without a proper role model in her mom, Stacy is left trying to cope with her teenage relationships troubles on her own.  Stacy's friend, Nicki (Heather McComb), tries to talk Stacy into breaking up with Bobby.  But in a moment of weakness, Stacy goes back to him.  Will she live to regret her decision?

    My thoughts

    This film is your typical 90s era movie of the week schlock.  Candace Cameron Bure is convincing as the naive troubled teenaged girl, though she's also very annoying as Stacy, constantly shrieking at her abusive boyfriend and talking about love, even as he bruises and verbally abuses her.

    Fred Savage used to be cute when he was 12 or 13, but as a young man, he looks like a thug.  I'm sure that was the look he was going for in this particular role, but I have to say he's not very attractive.  He plays the jealous, abusive boyfriend to the hilt, though, coming off as a bit of a psycho whenever Stacy manages to touch off his hair trigger temper.  I guess the psycho look makes him believable, but I don't think the years were very kind to Fred Savage.  He looks almost middle aged in this film.    

    Trivia note-- potential spoiler

    This film was based on the true story of teen couple 16 year old Jamie Fuller and 14 year old Amy Carnavale.  Fuller was abusive and finally murdered Carnavale in August 1991.


    I think this movie could have been better.  Relationship abuse is an important issue, but this movie is so cheesy and the lead actors don't have much on screen chemistry.  I'm sure it's a popular choice for high school health classes, but to me it just screams 90s era movie of the week.


  1. I really don't know why, but I intensely dislike Candace Cameron Bure. I find her brother tiresome as well.

  2. When I was a teenager, lots of my friends had crushes on Kirk. I think they're both irritating, though Kirk is more so.


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