Friday, November 4, 2016

My day has gotten off to a whanging start.

So...  things got off to a crappy start this morning.  First off, I was awakened at 3:15am by my dogs, Zane and Arran, who needed a potty break.  Bill took them outside and they proceeded to start shrieking because a cat invaded our backyard.  I thought it was later than 3:15am, so I checked Facebook, only to find a mean spirited insult fest directed at me, courtesy of a friend of a friend.

This guy I know from is gay and very liberal.  He has a penchant for posting a lot of political stuff.  Yesterday, he posted this.

I don't necessarily agree with this.

Now this gay friend and I have a mutual friend who is a police officer.  He is very conservative.  He responded to this meme by posting about how joining the military is the most patriotic thing he's ever done.  He then continued with a rant about how "retarded" Democrats are.

My response to that was, "Retarded, huh?"  That's all I said.

My police officer friend came back and elaborated, defending his right to use the "r" word.  For the record, I don't support banning the word "retarded" or any other word.  I didn't take my friend to task for writing "retarded".  I just wrote "Retarded, huh?"  Clear enough?

So when I woke up, I found a couple of lengthy, vitriolic, and very insulting responses from a third person I don't even know.  He accused me of supporting Hillary Clinton and then said I'm retarded.  Nice, right?  My police officer "friend" commented that I'm a Johnson supporter, which is more or less true.  But that other shithead still left that nasty and completely uncalled for comment directed at me.  So I wrote, "Why don't you go screw yourself?  You don't know anything about me."    

The original poster then deleted all of the nasty insults, which I suppose was fair enough.  I just wish he'd done that before that guy called me retarded.  I probably ought to laugh, though, because I am definitely not the one who is lacking intellect on that particular thread.  ETA: Actually, he didn't delete them.  I just couldn't find them on my desktop.  They were still there when I checked my iPad. 

Then I found a rant written by one of my cousins.  It was pro-Trump.  I made the mistake of reading the comments, which were very negative and rather shitty.  I was reminded again how little I seem to have in common with my relatives.

It took awhile for me to get back to sleep.  I had a headache and Aunt Flow is currently hitting me hard.  I had to keep getting up to go to the bathroom and ended up with a mess on my nightgown, thanks to faulty feminine hygiene protection.  Sorry... I know that's "TMI", but it's another reason why today has sucked thus far.

So then, this morning, Zane didn't want to eat his breakfast because I was eating mine and he preferred my breakfast to his.  My breakfast consisted of a buttered bagel, a banana, and coffee.  Once I was done with the bagel, Zane ate.  But then I almost threw up because the banana was a trifle too ripe.  For some reason, I get sick when I eat bananas that are too ripe.  I didn't puke this morning, but I did have to deal with some lingering nausea.

Then we went to the vet's office so Zane's stitches and ear could be checked.  While we were there, two women came in.  One had a cat, which immediately made Arran go nuts.  The other had a bitch in heat.  Both of my dogs are neutered, but Arran apparently still likes the smell of doggy hormones.  So I had to deal with him wailing in the vet's office.  We had to go outside for a few minutes so he could calm down.  When we came back in the vet explained that the other dog was in heat.  She was very nice about Arran's outburst, though.  And Zane's stitches and ear are looking great.  One more appointment before we jet off to Ireland next week.  I cannot wait.

At least the weather is nice this morning.  And it is Friday, which means a weekend with Mr. Bill.  Hopefully, nothing will spoil it.  I really ought to prune my Facebook friends list, though.  People are shitty.

This was on my Facebook a year ago.  I decided to share it again, along with this comment...

Yeah...  this is pretty much how I feel now.  Sad, isn't it?

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