Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jinger's wedding...

Because I was feeling so bleah yesterday, I decided to watch Jinger Duggar marry her man, Jeremy Vuolo.  I pretty much quit watching the Duggars awhile ago, not just because of Josh's scandal, but because the show had gotten really boring.  But I do like to watch the wedding shows because it's always interesting to see what everyone's going to be wearing.

I must say, I liked Jinger's dress the best of all the sisters' wedding dresses so far.  It's very classic and pretty, while still being modest.  Also, this was the first time I ever heard Jeremy Vuolo speak and he actually seems like a decent, intelligent guy.  I was touched that he had tears in his eyes as Jinger came down the aisle.  Bill was teary when I walked down the aisle, too.

I also liked Jeremy's father as the officiant.  He was funny and wise and not too boring.  I have high hopes that Jeremy will be a good husband to Jinger and take her away from the Duggar dynasty in Arkansas.

I'm not sure who was playing piano.  It sounded like maybe it was Erin Bates Paine, but perhaps she's learned to quit banging on the keys and hitting the pedal so hard.  Personally, I prefer organ music in a church, but the piano and violin were a nice enough touch.

Michelle looked relatively okay, although the baby talking is still a big issue for her.  At one point in the show, Michelle and Josie's former nurse were putting some type of crown on Josie's head for when she served as flower girl.  Michelle was talking to the kid like she was a complete idiot.  And, while I have heard Josie sing, I have yet to hear her really talk.  So, for all we know, Josie may have some issues.  Or she may not.  Who knows?

I recently read that the Duggars have taken in the son of Michelle's niece.  The boy's name is Tyler and he's living on the Duggar compound because his mother has had some issues with drugs.  I think he's about eight years old or so.  The Duggars are now his permanent guardians.  I guess they got their 20th kid, after all.  Hope he won't be too fucked up by the experience.

I see in the second article I posted, Tyler and Michael Duggar got their own pocket knives with their names engraved on them.  People are saying that's an inappropriate gift.  Since Michael is five, I probably wouldn't give him a pocket knife.  But I think Tyler is old enough to have one.  Hell, where I grew up, a lot of the boys had pocket knives.  It's a redneck thing.  It won't be long until they have BB guns and slingshots, too.

All in all, it was a fairly classy wedding with a minimum of blubbering from Boob and Michelle.  Now it's time to plan for Joy's wedding...  The Duggar compound is emptying at a furious rate!

I am somewhat less sad today, although the weather is still depressing.  Maybe we'll go out and do something later.  Or maybe not.  I wish we had a fireplace.

Check out Michelle's purple dress...  It's a little Grimace-esque.


  1. i wish I'd seen this. Jinger looked beautiful. They make a striking couple. I, too, hope he gets her away from the compound and to a city where she would like to be.

    If the piano playing had scale patterns and arpeggios inserted at any place they could be inserted, the pianist probably was Erin Bates. She does have lead wrists, though perhaps she's been working on losing them.

    I have concerns about Josie. i hope she's OK., and if not, i hope she's receiving the intervention she should have.

    Michelle's dress was puerile if it's possible for a dress to be puerile.

  2. P.S. Would you choose to be raised by a mom with drug issues or by Jim Bob and Michelle? That would be a tough choice for me.

    1. There were definitely arpeggios and scale patterns, but they weren't as obvious as in the past. At first, it sounded like maybe they'd hired someone else. But then the Liberace-esque style was more apparent and it sounded more like Erin.

      As for who would be the better parents, I agree it's a tough choice. At least with Boob and Michelle, there's regular food and shelter, though.


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