Saturday, November 5, 2016

I'm really not for everyone, am I?

Yesterday sort of improved somewhat.  I eventually sat down and watched Mary Poppins, along with Forrest Gump.  I know that's an odd combination, but I recently bought The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, and Forrest Gump from and I have a bad habit of not watching movies I buy.  So I forced myself to sit down and watch all three over the course of the last couple of days.  Forrest Gump was great.  Now I know why so many people used to call me "Jenn-ay" back in the 90s.

As the evening wore on, I started feeling really cranky.  I'm pretty sure it's my hormones running amok.  Someone tried to pick a fight with me on Facebook so I said, "Fuck you."  She came back with a highly unoriginal comment about how I "wanted" to fuck her.

So I said, "That's not what I said.  That's not what 'fuck you' means."

She said I "walked into" her remark.  So I said, "Try to be funnier."  At which point, another person, in defense of the first person, tried to get assertive with me and said, "Fuck you back."

Tiring of the exchange with both of them, I said "Leave me alone."  Fortunately, they did.

I actually felt a little guilty for telling these people to leave me alone.  I generally have to be in a really bitchy mood before I do that.  It's not usually my nature to use the f-word when I address people, either.  I think I'm just feeling very crabby because I have the menstrual blues.  It happens to us all.  Lately, my periods have been more annoying than they used to be.  They last longer than they once did and I'm experiencing other things I didn't used to experience.  My hair is getting grayer; my eyes are getting weaker; my boobs are more uncomfortable; I'm growing weird hairs where I never did before; and I think I'm getting fatter.  I probably should have just ignored the whole thing and gone to bed even earlier than I did.

But as I was sitting in my living room fuming about this stupid incident, it occurred to me how annoying social media is these days.  It may seriously be time for me to take a break from it.  From astonishingly rude comments from perfect strangers, to crotchety family members being critical about what I post, to irritating people wanting to engage in a losing battle of wits, online interactions are becoming less and less civil.  Add in the ugliness of the election and I seriously feel like I need to just go out in the wilderness for a few days and completely unplug from the world.

Fortunately, in a few days, I'll be Ireland bound.  But... just as luck would have it, I got an email this morning from the airline letting me know that we've been bumped from the business class seats I booked on the first leg.  Fortunately, it's a very short flight, so I doubt we'll be missing much by flying economy to Munich.  However, when something like that happens, it does make one think twice about paying extra for better seats.  There's always someone with a higher priority who might bump you into the lower class.  Since I usually fly economy anyway, why bother with the potential for being bumped?  Maybe it's better to just pay for upgrades when you know they'll happen.  At least it's not a long haul flight.  I'd be very upset if I paid a whole lot of money for a seat I could have had at a fraction of the cost.

Anyway... I'm really glad we're planning to get away for awhile.  I know it seems like I travel all the time.  Compared to a lot of people, I do travel a lot.  But since travels are what fuel my vocation, they're kind of necessary to keep the creative juices flowing.  If I don't travel, I have less to write about and fewer stories to tell.  And if I don't write, then I become even more useless than I usually am and that does nothing for my mood or my disposition.

On the plus side, our financial situation is looking decidedly brighter at the moment.  I'm grateful for that for as long as it lasts.  It's also Saturday, so maybe there will be something fun to do later.  If I'm not feeling too cranky, that is.  Unfortunately, the weather sucks.

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