Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Historic moments spent abroad...

Today's the big day we've all been waiting for...  But I probably won't know what happened with our big farcical presidential election until tomorrow morning.  To be honest, I'm very glad not to be in the United States right now.  But then, I tend to be abroad when a lot of historical things have happened.  In the interest of not writing yet another blatantly political post today, here's a list of events I've been in Europe for.

* Princess Diana's death*

I was en route to Venice, Italy on the day she was killed.  I remember it well, because I was on a train in a couchette with an Asian family who were none too pleased that I was in there with them.  The father of the family demanded to see my ticket and then proceeded to snore all night.  So much for getting any rest.  I didn't actually find out that Diana had died until the following day, when we were in Italy and I happened to see it on the front page of an Italian newspaper.  I thought it was a tabloid.  It took a few days for the news to set in.

*Princess Diana's funeral*

I was still in Europe when Diana was buried, though at that point, I was on the way from Nice to Barcelona, Spain.  I remember listening to her funeral on French radio and straining to hear it over the French translation.

*President Obama's election*

Yes, we were living in Germany the first time when President Obama became our very first black president.  I did not vote for Mr. Obama either time he ran, but I can honestly say he's been a fairly decent leader.  Unlike a lot of people I know, I think I'll miss him.  Actually, given the heinous choices people have to choose from today, I *know* I'll miss him.

*Michael Jackson's death*

I remember very clearly coming home from an evening out with Bill and finding out that the King of Pop had died of a drug overdose.  It was shocking!  I was almost as shocked as I was when I found out about Princess Diana.  We were still living in Germany at the time.

*Prince's death*

Ditto for learning about the death of Prince, also from a drug overdose.  As a matter of fact, 2016 has been a shitty year to be a rock star.  We've lost a lot of legends this year... everyone from Glenn Frey to David Bowie to both Pete Burns (lead singer of the band, Dead or Alive) and Alexis Arquette (transgendered actor who channeled Burns and Boy George in the movie The Wedding Singer).


I was living in Germany when the world learned that Great Britain would be leaving the European Union.

*Janet Reno's death*

She passed yesterday, right before the election.  Naturally, I saw a post shared by a relative about how Hillary Clinton offed her.  Fabulous.

*Today's election results*

I think we are about to have a new female president, but I can't be absolutely certain of that.  If Mrs. Clinton wins, that will be yet another historic moment I've experienced in Europe.  First female president.  First first man, who is also a former president.  First first lady president.

Of course, if Trump wins, I suppose it will also be very historical... and hysterical.  Like I said, I'm very glad not to be around to see what will happen.  People I've talked to here in Germany are legitimately frightened of what will become of the world if Mr. Trump scores a victory.  On the other hand, I've been ready to be beamed up for a long time now.

For now, I will simply focus on the fact that I'm going to go to Ireland, where I will do a lot of drinking.  God help us all, and please pass the beer.

Sorry... this did turn into a somewhat political post.  Oops. 

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