Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For now...

Well, it looks like we're about to endure four years of Trump.  I know the election isn't officially over yet, but that's just how it looks right now.  In a way, I'm not surprised.  A lot of my friends were certain Mrs. Clinton would win and I figured she probably would, too.  But I have learned never to say "never" because too many times, things I thought were a sure thing didn't turn out the way I expected.

I voted third party, as I almost always do.  It's something I make a point of doing, even though I endure the "wasting your vote" lecture every election cycle.  I truly do believe in voting one's conscience and neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton did it for me.  I also believe that we need more choices.  I doubt that will ever happen in my lifetime, but I can do my part to push for Americans to have another realistic choice in a presidential campaign.  I think the American people deserve as much.  The job of President of the United States is important enough that we should have more than two people to choose from.

A few months ago, when Britain voted to leave the European Union, I had kind of a sick feeling in my gut.  Deep down, I had a premonition that Americans might wake up to an ugly surprise in November.  I suppose I should have trusted my gut because it turned out to be right.

I wish I could believe that now things will get back to "normal".  Unfortunately, now it's time for the post election bile to flow.  I've already seen one article about how "selfish" third party voters are for not voting for Mrs. Clinton (because that's really what the article is about).  Granted, the article was posted three days ago-- perhaps a last ditch bid to shame anyone considering voting outside the box into choosing Coke or Pepsi.  I firmly believe that people have the right to vote as they see fit, though, even if I don't agree with their decision.  And I think they have the right to speak their minds about it if they want to, although I would hope they would try to be respectful about discussing their views.  It would be nice if more people were civil all the way around.

I guess that's what bothers me the most about this election cycle.  We had two major candidates who were very polarizing and extremely unpopular, yet there was unrelenting pressure to choose one of them.  Although many of the people stumping for Trump were pretty obnoxious about their views, I think a lot of the Hillary Clinton supporters were much worse.  I read a whole lot of self-righteous comments from liberals practically demanding that third party voters succumb to the pressure and vote for Mrs. Clinton.  Indeed, on my Facebook feed right now is this comment.

Prior to that comment, the same friend posted this...  Clearly, he was sure of the outcome, right?

Throughout this election cycle, this friend has been very certain that Mrs. Clinton would prevail.  He's lectured me and other people about the foolishness of voting third party, all the while making snarky comments about how Republicans are all cheaters.  I explained to this friend that I would be voting in Texas, where it was highly unlikely that Mrs. Clinton would win.  It turned out I was right and Mrs. Clinton did not win.  Even if I had voted for her, she would not have won, although the race was, admittedly, tighter than I expected it would be.

If Mrs. Clinton were in the lead right now, I think there would be similar bile coming from Republicans.  People would be accusing her of rigging the election.  There would be much bitching and moaning about how immoral the Democrats are and how they are ruining the moral fabric of America.  

So really, I don't think anyone can really win when it comes to voting.  You either vote for someone who has a real chance of winning but you don't support, or you vote third party and get blamed for the fact that one of the more popular candidates didn't win.  It's certainly not my fault Mrs. Clinton is losing.  My vote is only one of millions and I casted it with a clear conscience.

As I was waking up to the news of this election, I was reminded yet again of a life lesson presented in Avenue Q...  

Everything in life is only "for now"...

 Chins up, folks.  This is a temporary situation.  

And a little wisdom from George Carlin.

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