Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dumb boy needs anatomy instruction...

I recently read about Ryan Williams, a 19 year old Brit who is upset that Parliament just voted to repeal taxes on menstrual products.  Apparently, Mr. Williams was under the impression that women can control menstrual flow by "holding it", much the same way we might hold urine in our bladders.

George Takei shared the article I linked here, though I'd already seen several rants about Williams' ignorance about the female form.  Clearly, he did this on purpose, just to make a name for himself as a self-proclaimed "meninist".

Williams apparently sees feminine hygiene supplies as an unnecessary luxury.  He's even gone as far as to set up a GoFundMe page called "Stop The Blob".  Evidently, he's hoping to raise money to pay for a biology class.  I'll say one thing.  He's got brass balls, even if he also has shit for brains!  Because even if he's simply trolling, this kind of ignorance isn't funny.  Sadly, there really are people that dumb about human anatomy.

I don't think people should give Williams any money to study biology.  Instead, I think he should watch the video below.

This rather bizarre video explains menstruation in a way so simple that anyone can understand it...

I feel pretty certain that Mr. Williams can learn all about menstruation by watching Jill grasp the concept.  Check out the pad full of ketchup.  It's yucky!  

I will admit that I really just wanted to share the menstruation video because I think it's hilarious.  I can see the purpose behind why it was created.  I just think it's funny that everyone in the family gets in on the action of telling Jill how periods work.  Even Dad tells her about it.  Most men I know would not want to stick around for a conversation like that, let alone be a part of it.

Anyway, kudos to cheeky Ryan for obviously trolling people.  But instead of paying for a biology class, I think Ryan should invest in orthodontics.  Clearly, he wants to be in the public eye and, if that's his plan, he needs to get his choppers fixed.  Just sayin'.

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