Thursday, November 17, 2016

Boring women on TV

I found myself watching this for several minutes.  This is basically all this woman did, besides look at text messages and apply lipstick.

The weather is crappy today, so we're staying in.  I came close to nodding off while watching Hogan's Heroes and playing with my iPad.  When the show was over, I changed the channel and this was what I landed on.  A bored looking woman was preening herself for the camera.  I suppose horny males are supposed to text her for a good time.

I have seen these women before.  When we visited Poland eight years ago, we watched some women doing this on TV.  Of course, in Poland you can see prostitutes boldly advertising their wares in the forest.  Seriously... they stand on the edge of the trees hawking themselves to the truckers that pass.

Bill says that when he was in Ireland in the 80s, he'd never see anything like the woman above on a television set.  In those days, a person couldn't even get condoms in Ireland without a prescription.  It's a very Catholic country, after all.  I don't know where these women are, either.  They might not be in Ireland.

I guess these women must enjoy some level of success doing what they're doing.  They look pretty dull, though.  So much for Irish sex ed.  


  1. Wow! prescriptions of condoms! Amazing.

    The idea of showing oneself on tV while preening and reading texts reminds me a bit of someone we know eating her pizza or Burger King meal on camera.

    1. Bwahahahahaa!

      Seriously, these women just sit there and stare at the camera, occasionally talking to someone out of view. It's very strange, but I guess there are guys out there who enjoy it.


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