Thursday, November 24, 2016

Arran had a "spell"...

I took Zane to the vet yesterday, but his regular doctor wasn't there.  The vet checked his ears.  They looked good, but she still gave me some cleaner for them.  Not a word was mentioned about the mast cell tumor.  I have to take him back next week.  I feel like I'm always at the vet's office.

Last night, after a nice dinner and some wine, Bill and I were sitting in the living room.  Arran was curled up next to me.  Just an hour earlier, he and Zane had been playing and both were acting very normally.  So I was very surprised when Arran suddenly jumped off the couch, screaming in what seemed to be a great deal of pain.  He didn't lose consciousness, but it took a couple of minutes before he stopped shrieking.  He seemed to be disoriented.  He pooped a couple of times in front of us, as if he lost some feeling in his back legs.  Finally, he threw up.

We were both pretty worried about Arran, but it was getting late and we had been drinking wine.  So we took the boys to bed.  At about 2:00am, we woke up and Arran seemed to be completely back to normal.  He's fine this morning, too.  Zane, on the other hand, woke up with gas and had to be coaxed to eat.

I love my dogs very much, but I swear I worry over them constantly.  Imagine if I'd had kids!  Of course, kids can tell you where they hurt.

It's Thanksgiving, but Germany doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so it's mostly business as usual.  Bill is home and we were planning to go out to eat somewhere, but now I'm worried about the dogs.  We're also supposed to get a visit from a guy who's going to clean out our furnace because we had no heat on Monday.  The landlords showed us how to reset the system until the automatic mechanism gets fixed.

Bill is downstairs making Eggs Benedict and I'm sitting here reading about the depressing state of the world and wondering why I bother blogging.  I haven't felt too much like reading the news, since so much of it just plain sucks.  And politics are a hot topic right now.  If I post about politics, I attract attention from some of my rabidly conservative relatives.

I don't know how we'll celebrate the holiday today.  Maybe we'll stay home and drink wine.


  1. I hope Zane and arran are both oK.

    I'm in central CA at my aunt's and uncle's/godparents' home for Thanksgiving. it's always a huge crow and a rather motley crew. I do have my own bedroom here, so I can retreat at any time that I decide I'm tired or just need to get away from the masses. I'll set the tables and help with cleanup, but otherwise, not much will be expected of me, which is nice. My aunt and uncle understand that third-year med students are overworked, so I will not get any grief for escaping to my room. (I'm so lucky to have my very own room in someone else's home. My aunt didn't have any girls, so she was happy to decorate a girl's room for me. It's a seven-bedroom house, so it's not like there wasn't a room to spare.)

    The food will be good and plentiful, and evertone usually gets along; I don't recall there ever having been any drama. I'll probably just hang out here until time to go back to school. My brother, if he doesn't stay, can drive this route to pick me up on his way back, or I can catch amtrak; it's a relatively short ride. My aunt has even offered to drive me back or to have one of my cousins do so. i won't spend much time in Santa Barbara at Christmas since we're still planning to go to Austria, but I'll get some time off in June, plus a couple of long weekends in the winter and spring.


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