Monday, November 7, 2016

Another cherry has been plucked from the Duggar family tree...

Ever since the big Duggar family scandal back in 2014, I've pretty much quit watching anything Duggar related on television.  Now that I live in Germany again, watching the Duggars on their spinoff show, Counting On, requires more effort than I'm willing to expend.  I also hate the idea of spending money to see Boob's spawn perpetuating the family business.

I will confess, however, to paying attention to certain fan groups on Facebook.  Sometimes, if I see an article about the Duggars that seems especially entertaining, I'll stop and read it.  Yesterday, I was confronted with pictures of Jinger Duggar, who is now a married woman at age 22.  Over the weekend, she married Jeremy Vuolo, a 29 year old former soccer player turned preacher.

I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about Jeremy, other than he used to be a lot wilder when he was younger.  He's college educated, having attended Hartwick College and Syracuse University.  He's rather handsome if you go for the tall, dark type.

I've only seen a few pictures so far, but Jinger looked stunning in her dress.  Of all of the Duggar weddings so far, I've liked Jinger's dress the most.  It was modest, but very classy and stylish.  I've only seen a couple of the bridesmaids' dresses.  The styles on those are a bit more matronly, but that's to be expected.  

On the other hand, in the pictures I've seen, Jinger looks almost upset.  I'm sure the expressions on her face are not representative of the whole day, or at least I hope they weren't.  But even in the picture of the new couple smiling, she looks like she's kind of faking it.  Of course, having been through it myself, I know wedding pictures can be exhausting.  She may have just been tired.

Naturally, Boob and Michelle had to make a video about how proud they are of their daughter, whose new husband apparently had to answer a fifty page questionnaire before Boob would approve of their union.  While I'm sure many adults wonder why anyone puts up with Boob's ridiculous demands, it probably has a lot to do with money and preserving the family unit.  I have a feeling that anyone who rebels when Boob speaks runs the risk of being disowned.

Like anyone really gives a shit what Boob's thoughts are on this...  Now Jinger's sexuality will transfer from her father to her husband. *puke*

Jinger and Jeremy didn't have a very long courtship.  I believe it officially started on my birthday, back in June.  From what I've read, Jinger and Jeremy weren't as observant of courtship rules as older sisters Jill and Jessa were.  That may be why their trip to the altar was speedier.  Also, since 19 Kids and Counting is now spun off to what appears to be a less popular show, it could be that they needed some exciting material.

I understand Jinger's wedding will be aired November 15th, which is a lot sooner than her sister's weddings.  Seems like they also didn't build up to it as much as they did with the older sisters' nuptials, probably because Boob is less popular than he was before his son, Josh, was exposed for being a pervert.  Fewer people want to see Boob acting the part of protective dad, likely because he failed to protect four of his daughters from their eldest brother.

November is turning out to be a big month for the Duggars.  Jinger and Jessa both got married in November.  Jessa and Spurgeon both have birthdays in November.  But I guess, when you have a big family, there's always someone celebrating a special day.  November seems to be the month of Duggar cherry popping, though... if you know what I mean.

Anyway, on November 15th, I plan to be in Ireland preparing to celebrate my own wedding anniversary and, perhaps, mourn the decline of the United States.  It depends on who ends up winning the election on Tuesday.  Either way, I'm hoping our upcoming trip will get me out of the doldrums I've been in lately.  I definitely need a break from Germany.

In other news, I can't be sure because it's still dark outside, but it looks like we may have gotten our first real snow last night.  I can only tell because it looks like the backyard is glowing a bit.  I like a good snow, so this doesn't upset me too much.  As long as I don't have to drive in it, I'm cool.  ETA: Now that the sun is up, I see what we have is really thick frost.  It won't be long until the snow arrives.


  1. I knew Jinger was dating, or rather "courting" the guy, but I didn't know they were even engaged. I agree that she doesn't look radiant, although the dress is beautiful and she's a pretty girl. Boob needs to shut the hell up.

    1. He's a big guy. I hope he's gentle. She looks like she's lost weight.

    2. She does look thinner. I hope he knew what he was dealing with. The women he encountered before he found Jesus may have had far more experience.

    3. I remember a few years ago, Jinger made a stir when she said she wanted to move to a big city. Michelle had to clarify that she just wanted to live somewhere close to a Wal-Mart! Somehow, I doubt it.

    4. I remember when Jinger said that. Jill sort of jumped all over her, saying something about Jinger needing to be willing to go where the Lord wanted her to go. Then Michelle sort of tried to smooth things over with the Walmart comment. Maybe she'll actually get to live in or close to a city. Perhaps Jeremy doesn't want to settle in the sticks permanently, either.

    5. That family must be stifling for anyone with an independent mind.


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