Thursday, November 10, 2016

A nasty surprise...

Today has so far been shitty.  I took Zane to the vet to have his stitches removed after he had a lump taken off a couple of weeks ago.  The vet initially believed it was a cyst, but she sent it to pathology after she removed it.  I guess it didn't look like a cyst to the naked eye.

The pathologist's report came back and Zane had a grade 2 mast cell tumor.  Arran had a mast cell tumor last year that was graded at 1.5.  The vet took it off and he's had no more issues since then.  But Zane's tumor was a bit bigger and, I guess, the cells weren't as well-differentiated.  So this could end up being a significant health problem for him.

I'm pretty upset about the news.  I wasn't expecting her to tell me he had a mast cell tumor, although as I was watching it, I thought it could be one.  It was totally innocuous for a few months and then suddenly got big.  I took him into the vet's office in September and they were going to take it off then, but they kept calling off the surgery.  I finally had them remove it because Zane was going to be under to get his ear flushed.

I guess it's good that the tumor is gone, though now I have to worry about more popping up or the tumor coming back.  She did say it was a low grade 2, which could be encouraging.  On the other hand, who knows?

To make matters worse, when I took Zane out and unlocked the door to my car, the anti-theft siren went off.  It went off several times on the drive home, so we were repeatedly subjected to ear splitting shrieking from my vehicle.  It's never done that before, which makes me afraid my car needs repairs.

At least we're getting out of here tomorrow.  What a shitty week it's been.


  1. Poor Zane. i hope it turns out to be minor in the grand scheme of things and nothing new pops up. Those are just my hopes, though. I understand your anxiety.

    I'm glad you're getting away.

  2. It sucks to deal with mast cell tumors again.

    But I am loving Ireland.

  3. I've been to ireland. I could live there. the only thing I didn't like was that, for electrical resons or whatever, most normal people there don't have refrigerator freezers; they just have refrigerators with a tiny compartment in the top of the fridge that freezes. I really like ice in my drinks, and the fridges don't usually have ice makers. I don't really know what the reason was. maybe I's changed since I was last there about ten years ago.

    1. Germans don't put ice in drinks, either. We do have a fridge with a small freezer that we bought, but the fridge that came with the house is dorm sized.

  4. My cousin who prays over an inflated beach ball globe to find the lost tribes wants money from me. He ain't getting it.


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