Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 can suck it...

I found a very funny video on Facebook this morning that I wish to share with everyone who reads this blog...

Flo and Joan remind me a little of Garfunkel and Oates.

JibJab used to do funny videos every New Year's Eve.  Now they don't do them anymore and I miss them terribly.  I'm glad to see some witty ladies taking up the torch.

Seriously... this year has sucked for so many people.  I hope next year is better.  But... I can't say my hopes are especially high.  

I woke up this morning not feeling particularly well.  I'm still feeling anxious and on edge about everything.  At least this little ditty makes me laugh about how much things are sucking lately.  They could certainly suck more, though, so I suppose I should just relax and enjoy the ride.

Last night, I got unfriended on Facebook by a guy I "met" on RfM.  He's an American who lives in Norway and apparently has a Norwegian ex wife who won't let him see his son(s).  I don't remember if he has one or two boys.  Anyway, supposedly someone on Facebook is sharing his posts with his ex, so he unfriended a bunch of people.  I don't know his ex, but I guess he's being cautious.

I actually don't mind that he dropped me, because he's one of those people who use numbers and letters in place of words and that's annoying.  Also, he has a hangup about "slut shaming" and gets upset if he thinks someone is engaging in slut shaming.  One time, he told me he thought I was "hot", which kind of creeped me out a little.  Not that I wasn't flattered on some level, but it's weird when someone who knows I'm married flirts.  I guess I'm old fashioned, though.    

Maybe later, I'll have more to say.  For now, I'm going to drink some coffee.

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