Saturday, October 29, 2016

Zane is dandy...

Zane not long after his surgery.  He's a little dazed.

Zane came through his surgery just fine.  I took him to the vet's office at 8:30am and we were done by about 11:00am.  He had his ears cleaned out and the cyst removed.  The vet had him wear a "t-shirt", which he didn't seem to mind.  He wore it all day yesterday, but we found him this morning with it balled up next to him.  I think it was riding down too much and annoyed him, so he took it off.

Last night, right before bed.  He eventually took the t-shirt off.

He doesn't seem to be in too much pain and isn't bothering his stitches, so I think I'm going to let him stay naked.  Unfortunately, he has a bit shaved spot and stitches now, but at least I don't have to worry about that stupid bump anymore.  The vet said she'd send it to pathology if it looked like anything other than a cyst.  Bill called yesterday and spoke to the German speaking receptionist, who said there was nothing to worry about.

Strangely enough, I haven't found a lot of posts from people who have opted to have sebaceous cysts removed from their dogs.  I think it's because in the United States, veterinary surgeries are very expensive and involved.  For instance, had we had Zane's cyst removed in the States, the vets probably would have wanted to do a lot of pre-op testing.  I don't necessarily think that's a bad idea myself, since going under anesthesia is risky.  Our German vets don't seem to care too much about blood panels.  Given how litigious Germans can be, I guess that must mean the risk is small.

I opted to have the cyst removed because it kept filling and draining internally.  It would get the size of a grape and be kind of painful, then deflate.  Naturally, I was worried about cancer, but I also found the cyst to be pretty unsightly.  I also dreaded the potential mess if it ruptured.  So since Zane needed his ear flushed out anyway and that would require anesthesia, I asked the vet to remove the bump.

After the surgery, I brought Zane home and he rested all day.  He ate voraciously at about 3:00pm and wanted to eat again at about 6:00pm.  He slept comfortably all night and this morning, after I gave him a big dose of Rimadyl for the pain, he went for a walk.  I have to wonder if maybe he's been dealing with some pain lately because after his walk, he and Arran had quite a rowdy play session.  I haven't seen him play like that in awhile.  The vet seemed surprised that I knew about Rimadyl.  I told her I used to use it regularly.

Our old dog, MacGregor, used to get Rimadyl on a daily basis for the last couple of years of his life because we thought he had arthritis.  He probably did have arthritis, but then he ended up with a spinal tumor which we thought was his arthritis worsening or possibly disc disease.  It took an MRI to determine that he had an aggressive tumor in his spinal column.  Rimadyl is controversial.  Some people have had their dogs get sick or die after using it.  For our dogs, it's just been a handy medicine to have around.  I wish I still had some to give the dogs for minor aches and pains.

Anyway, as you can see in the video, Zane is doing just fine.  We are going to attend a whisky/whiskey tasting this afternoon and then come home to look after him.  I think he'll recover with no problems, though.  Monday, we'll go to the vet again so she can check his wound and make sure all is well.  Then we'll wait for the hair to grow back.  Right now, after their play session, both dogs are enjoying a nap!

I expect I'll get the bill for our little veterinary adventure on Monday.


  1. Our Lady of Fatima had one, but she was so old by the time she developed it (maybe 12) that we just left it alone.

  2. I'm glad Zane seems comfortable. It's a stressful time for me after an animal has a procedure because it' tough to know what to do for them.

  3. Yeah, he's pretty perky. I'm relieved the procedure is over now.


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