Monday, October 31, 2016


The other day, I posted this on Facebook...

And I mean it, too.  

An old college friend of mine responded thusly:

How could anybody be vote shamed. It's a secret vote you can say whatever you want about who your vote for and no one will ever know.

My response was this...

Says the guy who keeps preaching about why everyone needs to vote for Hillary Clinton and anyone who votes third party is throwing away their vote...

Not being able to take a hint, he wrote:

Which is right, but it ain't shaming anybody. More like putting forward a good argument that should be considered.

And I wrote this...

Seriously? Save it! Go spread that bullshit somewhere else.

My old friend took it surprisingly well.  But then today, I noticed he had shared this photo.

The original poster-- not my friend-- had commented "Remember this when you vote!" 

My friend, who is currently raising a little girl by himself, apparently agreed with the message and the person's comment about voting.  I thought his friend's quip was pretty interesting for a couple of reasons.  Of course, I was momentarily distracted by the apostrophe abuse in the first sentence.  I'm the type of annoying person who will get distracted and miss the message if a person fails to proofread, especially on a meme.  Memes are easy to proofread.

Aside from the grammatical glitch, I have a few issues with the above photo.  First of all, I am not a fan of the whole "daddy/daughter" date phenomenon.  I think both parents, male and female, should be teaching their sons and daughters basic self-respect.  Both parents should be modeling to their children how they should be treated by others.  And I don't necessarily believe that bringing your daughter flowers as you pick her up from the house to take her on a "date" is necessarily the best way to teach her self-respect and self-preservation.  

Secondly, I wonder why the original poster decided to bring politics into the above photo.  Has she considered her message?  Think about it.  Hillary Clinton is a very assertive woman who likely oozes self-respect.  Did she learn that from her daddy?  How about her husband?  Was he showing his wife respect when he was getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office?  Was Hillary Clinton showing self-respect when she decided to stay married to her husband even after his multiple instances of philandering?  Does Bill Clinton treat his wife like a lady? 

What about Donald Trump?  I don't think I need to get into the many instances of his disrespect toward women and treating them like chattel.  All you need to do is spend a few minutes on Google, YouTube, or Facebook and you'll see something about Donald Trump's comments about women, including Hillary Clinton.  

The way I see it, neither presidential candidate is necessarily the ideal role model for little girls (or little boys).  Granted, politicians are mostly liars anyway and a lot of them are more narcissistic than the average person.  A person can choose to vote for Hillary Clinton for any number of good reasons.  I just don't think she's necessarily an example that should be associated with the above meme.  Moreover, I don't think serving as that kind of example is necessarily her role, especially given that her husband has been unfaithful to her on multiple occasions and she still tolerates it.  To me, it just doesn't make sense to equate a father teaching his daughter about how a lady should be treated with a vote for Mrs. Clinton.  If anything, she could simply be considered the lesser of two evils in that department.     

As for my friend, he has been bound and determined to get people to vote for Hillary ever since this fiasco of a political season began.  He is very condescending and rather obnoxious about pushing his point of view.  If that's how he deals with his daughter, my guess is that he could take a few lessons from the photo he shared. 


  1. I have my opinions regarding the election, just as a lot of people do. I sent my ballot in, and I voted for Hillary. I think she probably is a crook, but with our present two-party system, it's really easy to have a situation where one candidate is a crook and the other is even worse. Some people choose to deal with it by voting for the candidate they think is best even if they believe that candidate doesn't have much of a chance. If enough people did that, those better candidates might actually have a chance. Either way, I think we need probably a four-party system and to get rid of the electoral college. That's just my opinion, though.

    One time my dad brought flowers to me in the hospital when I was really upset. That's one time out of a whole lot of time spent in the hospital, and NEVER when I wasn't in the hospital. Sometimes my dad took either me or my brother or both of us together out to lunch or dinner without my mom. Sometimes my mom did the same. Or sometimes we all went to a restaurant together for a meal. It had nothing to do with learning how members of the opposite sex should treat us. It was just being normal parents spending time with their kids.

    1. Your parents did it right, as far as I'm concerned.


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