Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pardon me, I have nothing to say!

Today's post is going to be full of random fragments and snippets because that's just the kind of mood I'm in today. Proceed with caution.

Many years ago, when I was still a young woman, I purchased a cassette tape by George Carlin called What Am I Doing in New Jersey.  That cassette tape, released in 1988, entertained me for many hours.  I think of it as one of my favorite albums by him, though he's done several that I've loved.

As I sit here and try to think about what I want to write about today, I am reminded of a line from What Am I Doing in New Jersey...

"Pardon me, I have nothing to say!"

I could write about a conversation I had last night, as Bill and I were enjoying a very nice dinner he prepared accompanied by red wine.  He told me that one of my right wing cousins posted this video about Hillary Clinton defending a rapist.

Yep, another tired video about Hillary Clinton doing her job in 1975.

I blogged about this a couple of months ago, so I'm not going to rehash it today.  I almost did, though.  I came really close to explaining once again that as an attorney, it was Mrs. Clinton's job to defend her client, not bring him to justice.  Moreover, Mrs. Clinton didn't sentence the guy; a judge did.  Why can't people understand those simple facts?  If you want to blame someone for a rapist "getting off" back in 1975, why not blame the prosecutor?  Or the judge?  

That being said, I did complete my ballot yesterday and neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton won my vote.  I doubt seriously it will matter, though, because my vote is going to Texas.  I will be very surprised if Texas doesn't vote red by a landslide.  If Mrs. Clinton wins in Texas, I will be shocked.  Stranger things have happened, I guess.  But I really don't want to write about politics.

Then I thought maybe I could write about some funny songs I found yesterday by singer-songwriter Christine Lavin.  I don't own any of her albums, but I definitely should purchase one or ten.  She's hilarious and witty and she plays wonderful guitar!  I was first introduced to her in the early 1990s, when I worked at a church camp with a very smart guy from Iowa who had a degree in math. 

Christine Lavin!  She's a genius!  This was not the first song I ever heard by her, though.

I like this one, too...

Whenever I have random memories like this, I'll often stop and look up the person who inspired the memory.  So I went looking on Facebook to see if I could find the guy who introduced me to the genius of singer-songwriter Christine Lavin.

Unfortunately-- or maybe fortunately, depending on your perspective-- he has a very common name.  So I did what I usually do when I go looking for people online.  I plugged in all of the things I know about him, including the name of his wife in the 90s (don't know if they're still married), the state he was from, and his year of birth.  The most interesting results came from my search of his wife's maiden name.  His wife (circa 1993, anyway) was, like me, a Virginian.  Her father, a very nice guy, was the ultimate head honcho at our summer camp.  Her husband, my camp friend from Iowa, had previously worked at the camp in 1990.  Maybe that's where they met, although I want to say they had found each other at the small Iowa liberal arts college they both attended.

Anyway, Facebook spit out the results for three women who have the same name his wife had before their marriage.  I started looking at the profiles and noticed the most relevant one was a profile for a woman from Virginia.  And then I noticed a familiar name and photo among her friends.  No, it wasn't my old friend who introduced me to the genius of Christine Lavin.  In fact, it was the last person who gave me a pap smear, back in 2007 at Fort Belvoir!  

No, I am not Facebook friends with the woman who gave me a pap smear, although I would be friends with her if she wanted to be friends.  She was exceedingly kind to me after a very traumatic experience I had with an Air Force OB-GYN back in 1995.  She successfully gave me my first pap smear in the 12 years that followed that awful experience and hugged me while I cried over the memory.  She patiently listened to my story and showed me empathy and decency.  If I still lived at Belvoir, I would happily go to her for medical care.  That's really saying something, because I haven't seen a doctor since 2010.  So, for that reason, I think of her as a friend, though I doubt very seriously that she remembers me.

I suppose if I felt like it, I could write another post about the way we're all interconnected, sometimes in very bizarre ways.  Incidentally, I'm not even sure if the woman on Facebook, who shares the same maiden name as my old camp friend's wife and is Facebook friends with the last woman who gave me a pap smear, is even the person I was looking for.  For all I know, she knows people in my family, since people in my family know and are friends with people with her maiden name (as I also found out while researching).  

I haven't seen or spoken to my old camp friend since 1993 or so, but I do have a very long memory and the capacity to recall very bizarre and random things.  In fact, somewhere in my collection of photos, I have a picture of him at camp dressed in the hideous "Barney the Dinosaur" purple and green polyester polo shirts we had to wear on the first day of camp each week.  In the photo, he's egregiously flipping me the bird while sitting next to the camp director, a man who would eventually become a Presbyterian minister and officiate at my wedding.  Yes, this was at church camp!  But then, I also have pictures of two of the guys who worked in the kitchen with me jumping into the pool while grabbing their crotches.

The first song I ever heard by Christine Lavin.  She's updated it for more recent audiences.  The first version I heard was a late 80s edition.

Well, now that I look at this post, I realize I could have just written about Christine Lavin and called it a day.  But now, the sun is up and Zane is demanding that I get dressed and take him for a walk so he and Arran can do their morning constitutionals.  So that's what I'll do now.  Maybe tomorrow, I'll have something to say.


  1. I wrote a response that was beginning to approach a length sufficient to equal two blogs. I may turn one or the other or both of them into (an) actual blog(s), If I do, I will most definitely give you credit

    All I can say without practically authoring my own version of WAR AND PEACE (I cannot italicize in the comments section of this forum, which vexes me), is that the video is as stupid as stupid can be. Chances are that I'll talk about the reasons why in a blog of my own, giving you proper credit, of course. My authoring of the blog is dependent upon my having the time and energy before election day. The same is true of the potential presidential election.

    I'd never heard of Christine Lavin. She's awesome. She looks like a sweet nun who maintained the library at the parochial school where I attended kindergarten and second grade. Her voice, to me, doesn't match her face. That's neither good nor bad -- merely an observation.

    P.S, Was your relative a presenter in this video, or did she merely forward it?

    1. I'm assuming the video you refer to is the one about Clinton. It was my cousin, Tom, who posted it. He had nothing to do with its creation. He just hates Hillary Clinton and is hellbent on trashing her at every opportunity.

      Christine Lavin is in her 60s, now. She's been around for awhile. I just think she'd be great fun to be friends with. She's so witty!


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