Monday, October 17, 2016

Merciless mocking of Marines...

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared a picture of a female Marine who appeared to be very overweight. The caption to the photo was "Semper Pie".

This is the photo in question.

If you read this blog regularly, you may already know how I feel about people ripping off photos of people and posting them online simply to ridicule them.  Nevertheless, the person who posted this wasn't quite as nasty as he could have been.  I went to the original source of the photo and read comment after nasty comment about the woman pictured above.

My comment was "Perhaps she's in a family way?"  By that, I meant maybe she was either pregnant or had just delivered.  Then I added that when I read mean comments on pictures like this one, it makes me want to kick some people in the nuts.  Maybe that's not the nicest thing to say.  Sorry about that.  The guy ended up deleting the post because he thought I was upset about it.  Someone messaged me to find out if I was.  What was said in our group was pretty tame.  What annoyed me were the comments on the original post, made by a bunch of mean spirited males.

Anyway, another friend who is now a retired Marine, mentioned that the woman pictured above had been in an online group she's in.  She had just delivered twins and had been on bedrest for much of the pregnancy due to it being high risk.  She has apparently since left the Marines and lost a lot of weight.  The jokes stopped after my Marine friend commented.

Bill and I talked about this yesterday, how a lot of times, people in the military feel fine about mocking strangers about their appearance.  It's usually men who do this.  It's especially bad if the person being mocked is also in uniform.  It never seems to occur to these folks that perhaps the people they are mocking have legitimate medical reasons for being the size they are.  They are just easy pickings for a laugh.

One thing I don't like about military culture is that sometimes, the people within it are very intolerant of people's feelings.  If someone is legitimately hurt by someone's words or actions, some people in the military accuse them of being "butthurt".  I will agree that sometimes people whine about things that I don't think are ultimately that important.  On the other hand, who am I or anyone else to decide what is or is not hurtful to someone else?  Why should anyone have the right to belittle another person's feelings?

When you marry someone in the military, you become at risk for being mocked for being a "dependa".  That is a derogatory term used by some military members for spouses who sponge off of them.  But, I have also seen spouses get mocked for trying to make something of themselves.  Just a week or so ago, someone complained about spouses who were advertising their home based businesses.  

My comment was that people are kind of damned if they do, damned if they don't.  Either they are lazy, good for nothing, "dependas" who aren't worth a shit.  Or they are "uppity" or annoying for having a business, getting a degree, or otherwise making use of their time on Earth.  It's a good thing that I love Bill so much.

It's depressing to think about all the unhappy people out there who enjoy making mean comments to other people.  I kind of wonder where it comes from and I'm glad my husband isn't one of the mean ones.


  1. I've said this before and I'll say it again - Bill is the epitome of the term "an officer and a gentleman."

  2. Bill is the perfect representation of the term "an officer and a gentleman."

    As far as the marine woman was concerned, I wonder sometimes if people realize how selfless it is to do the right thing for your baby or babies and put on the amount of weight that is needed to deliver a baby who has the best chances of health AND intelligence. A woman doesn't want to give herself preeclampsia, but the idea of thinking it's a good idea, medically speaking, to gain a mere fifteen pounds and call it a healthy pregnancy is roughly as obsolete as using leeches for blood-letting or other treatments. While a woman wants to at least consider how difficult getting rid of excess weight will be for her after the birth (it varies, and if it's really excessive it can contribute to post-partum depression), rather than telling a woman she should gain twenty pounds for a singleton pregnancy and thirty-to-thirty-five for a twin pregnancy, the idea now is that she should gain whatever she gains eating healthful foods and, as long as blood pressure is not an issue, to err on the side of too much rather than too little weight gain. If a woman does what is right for her baby or babies, it may take her a year to get the weight off safely. That woman should be applauded for putting the needs of her unborn children ahead of her own vanity. She'll probably be a very good mother.

    1. I think that photo is a couple of years old. My Marine friend says she's out of the military now.

  3. Which is probably just as well. Miltary people can be deployed, and that can be hard on kids. Some dads are outstanding parents, but it's better if they don't have to be sole providers with little or no support.

  4. To add my two cents, I knew this Marine, when I saw her like this it was the shock of my life. Prior to her pregnancy the woman was a fit and able Marine. So imagine my shock when I stumble upon her image on a youtube video. This is bullshit I almost remember this pick being taken the guy was snickering off to our left, this is in MCAS Yuma. Long rant getting longer keeping your weight under their ridiculous standards was always a nightmare. And yes there so much fat shaming, the dreaded pork chop platoon comes to mind. A corporal in my unit gained weight right before getting orders, they would make go on 20 mile runs and live off of the so called lemonade diet. Anyway I don't know where this is going, here's to hoping Marines treat each other decently and that commanders take care of their troops.

    Cpl P

    1. Thanks for the very thoughtful and insightful comment, Cpl P. I appreciate it.


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