Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Is there a stem on the apple?

Here's another post... one that is bound to be less hostile and contentious than the one I wrote earlier this morning.  Alexis may especially enjoy this one.

Monday, my cousin's eldest daughter-- that is, my first cousin once removed-- had her second child.  She announced the baby's arrival by posting a picture on Facebook, along with the baby's first name, height and weight.  She did not supply a middle name.  I guess she was pretty private about her pregnancy because I didn't even know she was expecting.  She also apparently never told anyone the baby's gender ahead of the birth.

So yesterday, she posts a picture of her baby, who is wearing a knitted cap in pink and baby blue and wrapped in a brightly colored baby blanket.  The baby's name is Bowen, an unusual name that could presumably be used for either sex.  For several hours, I watched as person after person wrote "She's beautiful!" or "What a handsome little man!"  Many other people, myself included, simply wrote "Congratulations!" or some other generic comment that did not reference the baby's gender.  Personally, I thought maybe she'd had a girl, but I couldn't be certain.  I really didn't want to be the one to ask if there was a stem on the apple, either.

After awhile, I became curious and vented about my curiosity among some online friends.  A couple of people told me I should be a "hero" and ask what the baby's sex was.  I was all set to pen something halfway witty when I noticed some of my cousin's friends editing their comments to indicate that the baby is, in fact, a boy.  So... happy birthday to Bowen!  Welcome to the world!  I hope it doesn't suck too much for you!

Tee hee hee...

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