Friday, October 14, 2016

"I'm not campaigning for any particular candidate, but..."

Um...  that is bullshit and you know it.

Yesterday, an old friend of mine, someone who is obviously very pro Trump and anti Hillary Clinton, posted a status updated beseeching her Facebook friends to "educate themselves" and not let the media spoon feed them what's important.  When a few of her friends took her to task, she responded with today's blog post title.  Then, her mother got in on the argument-- again, very pro Trump and rather insulting toward those with a more liberal viewpoint.  She accused them of not being informed and spewed off all of the things she thinks Trump will do for America.

I, for one, stayed out of the fray and remained an amused bysitter (as opposed to bystander, because Lord knows I don't stand for anything anymore).  I have to wonder, though, what compels people to post these kinds of pleas on Facebook.  Do they really think so little of their so-called friends that they think the liberal media is doing all the thinking for them?  What if they simply have a different perspective?  Does that necessarily mean they are uneducated or not thinking?  And why would you think that about people who are supposedly your friends?

I will admit, despite my resolution to let people vote as they will, I do get disgusted when anyone defends Donald Trump.  I just can't see how that man is a viable candidate for President of the United States.  He's never even been so much as a mayor, for God's sake.  He's had multiple bankruptcies, multiple wives, and mainly got rich because he was born into money.  As an entertainer, I think Trump does fine.  I think he does fine even as a business person, despite his bankruptcies.  But I also think he's morally bankrupt and revolting.  I can't see how anyone thinks he's better than Hillary Clinton, even though I didn't vote for Mrs. Clinton myself.  But I don't feel like I should tell them how to vote or say I think they're uninformed or stupid for their choice in candidates.  They have a right to their opinion and to vote as they please.

That being said, I can see how easy it is to try to convince people to change their minds.  The other day, another friend of mine posted pro Trump comments.  It actually surprised and upset me.  We had to have a discussion about it because he wanted me to vote for his dog in a radio contest for cutest pet.  I didn't vote because I saw his post about his dog turn into politics.  I know this guy very well and I can't understand how he could support Donald Trump, even if he hates Hillary Clinton.  I did later vote for my friend's dog, but not before we had a chat.  He sent me a private message asking me for a vote and I told him I'd had to surf away from his original post because I was too tempted to respond.  It was late at night; I was about to go to sleep; and I didn't want to get into it with his friends.  He was offended that I got disgusted by his pro Trump comments.  I had to explain to him that I think people should vote for whomever they choose, but perhaps it's best not to discuss politics or religion among friends.  He agreed.  But isn't it sad that even a simple post about cutest dog contests turns into a political debate?

Even as I write these things and confess to being disgusted by Donald Trump, I think that people need to make up their own minds about voting.  I like to think my friends have their own reasons for feeling the way they do.  I don't think it's right to belittle or shame people for their voting choices, even if I am disgusted by them.  Actually, I am really disgusted that in the United States, we have so few viable candidates for a job as important as president.  Seriously.  Think about this.  For any other important job, the "hiring committee" would have more than two people vying for the position.

If Donald Trump were trying to get a regular job somewhere, his potential bosses would probably do some Googling to see what kind of person he is.  They'd probably decline to hire him simply for the fact that he has no actual experience in the job he's aiming for-- (not an entry level position).  Add in his absolutely deplorable comments about women, minorities, and immigrants and you might come away with the idea that this is not a good person.  That isn't to say the president has to be *nice* per se-- except that young people will be looking up to him.  How will Trump respond to a little girl who sends him a letter?  Or an old lady who sings him a song?

How would Trump respond to this?

I don't know where people get the idea that Trump will do anything for them, either.  The man is an obvious malignant narcissist.  Narcissists, by definition, are very self-absorbed people.  They don't do anything for anyone but themselves.  What they do have a lot of is charm and clearly many people are taken in by Trump's charm.  Or maybe they're not.  I can certainly see why people dislike Hillary Clinton.  She's also a narcissist.  She's also got skeletons in the closet.  However, she has, at least, got relevant experience.  Maybe she's as self-serving as Trump is, but at least she has the credentials that we would expect from any serious candidate.  And while her husband is a serial philanderer with zipper trouble, Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to be a pervert herself.

Sorry.  I seem to have veered away from my original topic.  I could put all of these thoughts in a Facebook post, I suppose, and post them for my friends to read.  But I think it would be insulting to their intelligence.  I don't automatically assume that someone isn't educated or is being "spoon fed by the liberal media" simply because they aren't as disgusted by Trump as I am.  Personally, I don't see Trump really doing his best and trying hard.  He's just blowing his top repeatedly.  I don't believe for a second that he cares about anyone but himself.  But it's not for me to tell my friends that I'm right and they're wrong.

And when I see a post like this one...

If you are still stuck on fighting over whether or not it was "locker room" talk, the liberal media's got you right where they want you. Smoke and mirrors. Smoke and mirrors. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND LEARN ABOUT ALL THAT IS TRULY AT STAKE FOR OUR COUNTRY ON THE LONG TERM (beyond a four year term), PLEASE. Then decide on who your voting for. Don't sit on your duff drooling on yourself until the media spoonfeeds you the next thing they want you to be distracted with to avoid having you USE YOUR OWN BRAIN TO CONSIDER THE IMPORTANT ISSUES OF THE COUNTRY!

I can't help but think my friend doesn't realize that she's insulting a lot of people.  If you have to mention the "locker room" talk, you damn sure are "campaigning for a particular candidate".  You want to talk about smoke and mirrors?  Check out your Facebook status for a start.  Just because you don't think "locker room" talk is a big deal, that doesn't mean others can't be concerned about it.  Just because you think Donald Trump will save the country, that doesn't mean other people don't have just cause to be afraid of what might happen if he has access to the nuclear codes.  Just as I would never tell you that I think you should vote for Hillary Clinton because I think she's awesome, you shouldn't try to blow smoke up my ass... or insult other people's intelligence by demanding that they stop letting the liberal media spoon feed them.  The fact is, most people are capable of thinking for themselves.  You wouldn't like it if the above message were directed at you, would you?  When it comes down to it, different things are important to different people.

Let the chips fall where they may...  and wake me in 2020.

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