Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fecund fools over forty...

Like so many other Americans, I got the big news yesterday that 43 year old Tori Spelling is pregnant again.  This will be her fifth child.  She is already mom to Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, and Finn, 4.  She says this latest pregnancy was a "total surprise", which I suppose it could be.  Sometimes midlife pregnancies happen.  I have at least one friend older than I am who has a toddler.

I guess I was a little surprised by the news, though, because the last thing I read about Tori Spelling is that she and her husband, 49 year old Dean McDermott, were on the brink of splitting up.  I commented that I thought they'd been planning to divorce and a friend mentioned that Mr. McDermott had been treated for sex addiction and that was one area where their marital issues arose. According to the link I just posted, McDermott also admitted to drinking excessively and abusing drugs.

Two days ago, there was another article about Tori Spelling's financial woes.  Evidently, a judge recently ordered her to pay a $38,000 credit card balance.  The same article indicates that Spelling also owes a shitload of back taxes to the state of California-- like, over $259,000 worth.  

Having children is expensive and stressful, even if you're young and game.  Tori is 43 years old and looks like her lips are also pregnant-- with twins.  She has four kids, all of whom are still fairly young.  She has a husband who has "issues" and she is apparently besotted with spending money she doesn't have.  

While I don't like telling people how many children they should or shouldn't have, I do think getting pregnant at 43 when your husband has multiple problems with addiction, you have serious financial problems, and you already have four young children, is pretty foolish.  But, as I remarked to another friend yesterday, Tori Spelling is nothing if not fecund.  I mean, I'd be surprised if she went to a doctor to get pregnant.  She's clearly a fertile Myrtle.

Another friend got very excited over my use of the word "fecund" and congratulated me.  I said my broad vocabulary must have been courtesy of the great education I got from the English department at Longwood University (though it was Longwood College when I attended).  Longwood is now notable because that is where the Vice Presidential debates took place a couple of nights ago.  We alums could be basking in the glory of hosting Tim Kaine and Mike Pence on campus, but Pence referred to my school as "Norwood".  What a shame.  Attention to detail must not be his strong suit.  I'm sure Kaine wouldn't make that mistake, since he used to be the governor of Virginia.  He probably visited the campus more than once.


It's exciting to think that my little alma mater got put on the map this week.  I never thought I'd see the day.  Go Lancers!

Anyway, back to Tori Spelling and her hyperactive womb.  I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and her personal issues get worked out.  I also hope, for her children's sakes, that she gets her husband to put a helmet on that soldier until they fix some of their problems.  Growing up will be tough enough for those kids without all that other extraneous shit.  

On the other hand, plenty of successful people have been born into much worse circumstances.  So who knows?  Certainly, not me.  For all I know, this new baby could turn out to be an amazing person who touches everyone in a very special and meaningful way.  Or, the baby could end up being like Redmond O'Neal, son of the late Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal, who has, for years, been plagued with constant addiction issues and legal problems.  Life is a crap shoot... and for some people, the emphasis is definitely on crap.

I wish the newest McDermott the best of luck.



  1. I read that as well. It's really her business and not mine, except that the planet is going to run out of water, and the children of the wealthy (she's still "wealthy" whether she owes far more than is in the average person's bank account and total portfolio minus the worth of his or her home in back takes; it takes more than a single generation of not receiving much inheritance and otherwise making stupid financial decisions to cease to have the designation of 'wealthy"; it's more than just cash flow) seem to consume the earth's resources at a far greater rate than do the rest of us. So because I would like to continue to take baths and showers throughout my lifetime, I do wish people like Tori Spelling would exercise a bit more responsibility where reproduction is concerned.

    This is my own bias picked up from my mom, but she says in her years as a teacher, private therapist, school psych, and administrator, that she has yet to come across a single person named Liam who did not either have a few screws loose or was not raised to be an uncontrolled, spoiled brat. Perhaps tori's liam is the exception.

    1. I have a friend whose son is named Liam. Come to think of it, I met him on his birthday and he was a bit nutty.


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