Friday, October 7, 2016

Columbus Day! Yea!

I'm not going to get into the controversy about whether or not we should be celebrating Columbus Day.  To me, it's just another holiday.  We're taking advantage this year by going to France with the dogs.  We plan to come back at the end of the long weekend.

I may or may not blog.  I will take the laptop computer, but hope to enjoy some relaxing time, wine, and croissants.  And when we come back, I shall write up our experiences.  We usually have interesting times on our trips.



  1. I attended school in 5 districts between the start of kindergarten and high school graduation. I attended one undergrad university, and am just over halfway through the one medical school I have attended. i confirmed with my mom and my aunt about the early years, though I was pretty sure regardless. Not one of the schools I attended ever got Columbus Day off. So it's a legal holiday that the feds observe, and I would assume many states observe as well, since they often align their observed holidays with those observed federally, and i've tried to go to the DMV on columbus day and found the doors locked. I think most banks close for Columbus day as well.

    Where school is concerned, it has nothing to do with some schools working harder than other schools, and that's why my schools didn't get a day off, at least at the k-12 level. A state mandates how many days its schools must be in session. Each district can spread those days out any way they choose to do so. In theory, they could choose to hold school on Christmas Day, though they would lose revenues for "average daily attendance" because almost no one would show up. Nothing is gained or lost by holding classes on Columbus day. It's just one day a district can take off the beginning or end of a school year.

    still, I'm curious. Does any school take Columbus Day off? You may have attended some schools on military bases. Those schools were probably more likely to take the dy off, tough i don't know that. Did you often get Columbus Day off from school?

    My friend Meredith's parents were a bit daft. She took Columbus Day off fro school (then forged a sick note) every year. she said she managed to do it without even technically lying to them. She just said, 'I'm not going to school tomorrow. It's a federal holiday." Her parents assumed that meant school was not being held. Neither of her parents worked right in our city, so they never happened to discuss it with other parents, apparently. I believe meredith continued her tradition of skipping school through her undergrad education just because.

    I'm still tossing cookies at least once an hour. Eventually someone will have to give me something that helps me or I'm going to keel over.

    1. Honestly, I don't remember. I think I did in grad school. SC was big on holidays. We even got Easter Monday off, though I think they stopped doing that in the last ten years.

  2. in my last school district, we got Easter Monday off. The teachers' and classified employees' unions voted on the final calendar each year.that day was often the deciding factor for many voting members. ot makes sense if you celebrate with family that you not have to worry about kids getting home in time to get to bed at a decent hour and up for school. The university of California system didn't observe and aspect of Easter. Since the holiday itself was on a Sunday it was a moot point, but there was no Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, or Easter Monday cancelling of classes.


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