Saturday, September 17, 2016

Where's the beef?

Back in 1984, Wendy's fast food restaurants had a very popular and successful ad campaign going on.  It consisted of little Clara Peller, a tiny but ferocious old lady, bellowing "Where's the beef!" as she was served a skimpy burger from one of Wendy's competitors.

Clara and friends studying a burger with a big, fluffy bun...

That little gem of marketing genius seems to have outlived the ad campaign that made it so popular in the 1980s.  It was even used during the primaries of the 1984 presidential campaign when Walter Mondale said it to his rival, Gary Hart.  Looking at the results of the 1984 election, I am kind of sad I was only twelve years old at the time and didn't care about politics at all.  Mondale got his ass handed to him by Ronald Reagan, who won every state except Minnesota.

Mondale asks Gary Hart "Where's the beef?"

I am reminded of this old catchphrase this morning as I read a funny thread on a messageboard run by SingSnap, an online karaoke Web site.  I usually write about SingSnap on my music blog, but since this particular thread isn't as much as music as it is about a cranky guy complaining about no one commenting on his karaoke videos, I'm going to discuss it here.

In his thread entitled "Where's the Beef?", SingSnap user NahuL1147 writes:

No one listens to me!

Apparently, he also made some comments to other people that their singing sucks...  or perhaps he was a little too blunt for their liking.  Consequently, no one is giving NahuL the love he apparently expects.  Awww...

It seems a number of folks on SingSnap have been giving the newbie some tips.  I have found the culture of that site to be overwhelmingly positive and supportive.  Most people are nice to a fault, even if some of them are a tad annoying.  He's gotten a few genuinely helpful suggestions as to how to build a following...  But the crankiness continues...


After a few more comments, our disgruntled karaoke friend busts out the f-word, which I gather is not really kosher on SingSnap...

Damn, he's really upset!

The f bomb mostly gets ignored until a Christian poster comes on and tells NahuL to stop cussing.

I actually think it's funny when people get so upset over a mere four letter word.  It's even funnier when people get upset on a karaoke site.  I enjoy SingSnap and use it as a place to unwind, but I don't get involved in any of the drama.  For me, it's a place to sing duets with people, learn new music, and relax.  I don't do contests and I don't really care who comments on my stuff or how many views it gets.  For the record, though, I prefer not to be fake most of the time.  I kind of get what NahuL is saying when he says he doesn't want to be a "phoney baloney".  There are times when someone duets with me and it's really painful to listen to.  I am always nice, but there's an evil part of me that wants to be brutally honest.  I don't, though, because SingSnap is supposed to be fun. 

I just wonder why this guy chose to title his thread "Where's the beef?"  Was he thinking of Wendy's or Walter Mondale?  


God bless Clara Peller, who enjoyed a few successful years in the winter season of her life...

As long as there are Americans alive who were around in the 1980s, she'll be memorable!

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